April 13, 2010

Black Eyes and Bumped Heads

At six and a half months old, my two daughters have had a combined total of 4 falls. And by falls, I mean that a grown-up in charge wasn't entirely paying enough attention, and as a result a baby got bonked.

After the first time, my parents reassured me that no matter how careful you are, your baby is going to get thunked once in a while. And that chances are very high that they'll be just fine.

Today, poor DD and my poor husband had a bit of a rough day. DD has been bouncing like mad, throwing herself around in a comical and nerve wracking way. Today, she managed to throw herself completely out of daddy's arms while he was trying to seat her in her swing.

She gave herself a bit of a black eye, and poor daddy... I can't tell you the last time I saw him that upset.

Oh wait- I can. About five hours later, he was trying to pick up both daughters at once (a feat that is just as difficult as it looks on most occasions) and the front of her overalls unsnapped, dumping her onto the floor from the very same swing. As if that's not bad enough, she hit her head DIRECTLY onto the metal base of the swing.

Of course, she's fine. But that didn't stop her poor father from having a near total breakdown. It would really have been quite sweet, if it weren't for the sobbing baby and husband part.

I did the only thing I could do. Give both parties a nice big hug and kiss, provide the husband with a simple task to perform as a distraction, and feed the baby.

Yes, my Jewish upbringing comes to the surface again. Any wrong can be righted with food. DD got a banana, but I have a feeling that in a few years I'll have to up the ante. I have this lofty goal that I won't just pass out candy like... well... candy. But my "here-feel-better-now" snacks all fall into the carbohydrates and sugar end of the spectrum.

Therefore, I have constructed my grand solution. A cup of tea, and then we MAKE cookies. Because then what makes us feel better isn't so much the food, as the doing. Who knows? Maybe someday we'll evolve to making salads instead.

DD is sitting o my lap now, as it happens. gleefully pounding the space bar. All of the spaces in this sentence? Those were hers.

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