January 6, 2045

So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

Hello, my lovely readers, hello.

If you're reading this at becomingsupermommy.blogspot.com, you may have noticed something different.

My header.

As for other momentous occasions in the life of the SuperMommy family, I have updated the picture. No, I'm not pregnant. No, none of the children lost a limb. (Yet.)

No, you may notice that the SuperMommy family is... moving.

Not to a new house, but to a new blog.

Yes, my wonderful, amazing, incredible readers- I'm moving. My new blog is chicagonow.com/becoming-supermommy. That's right, I've joined the ranks of Chicago Now bloggers. Chicago Tribune, prepare yourself! I'm coming!

As for all of you, my amazing, incredible, spectacular readers... not too much is going to change. The address of the blog will, of course, but the content won't.

Actually, the content will, a bit. There are still a few straggling sponsored posts coming up, and they'll be here. But the new stuff?

All at the new blog.

PLEASE- sign up to get my posts in your email! It's SO much better for all of us, what with Facebook trying to destroy the little lives of us little bloggers. Sign up to get Becoming SuperMommy in your mail, and I'll see you over at Chicago Now.

So CLICK ON OVER, and get to know my new digs!

Here's to the next great adventure!

I love you all. <3 p="">


  1. If I'm already subscribed to THIS blog, will I need to subscribe to the NEW blog when the move is complete?

    1. You SHOULDN'T need to... if I did everything right.
      But let's be honest, that's a pretty big "if." ;)

      If you don't get a new blog post in the next 48 hours delivered to your inbox, it's a safe bet I screwed something up!

  2. Congrats! I really enjoy your writing and I'm sure the readers at Chicago Now will as well.

    1. me too! And I hope you'll still come and read over at the new location!!!!

  3. Its my first time on your blog. Its nice to know that you are moving to Chicago.
    All the best.

  4. Found your blog on Bloggy Moms.
    Now following would appreciate a follow back


  5. Congrats on the move to Chicago Tribune! That is great!
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  6. Really frustrated. I can't access Chicago Now because I'm in the EU. And the unsubscribe link only takes me to their page which tells me I can't access them because I'm in the EU. I'm desperate to stop these emails landing in my box, but I can't unsubscribe! Can you please tell me how to do so???

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