Praise for Becoming SuperMommy

People have said some really nice things about me and my writing.  And here they are...

"I highly recommend you head over to her blog and read more. But I warn you, you will spend a lot of time there. I wish I had more time to read her blog. Every post blows me away."

"Lea truly is a super mommy, in my humble opinion."

    "Becoming SuperMommy is written by one talented Mamma!"

      "...then there was this post about her toddlers getting in to the lubricant. Classic! Had both me and hubby in tears laughing. She also writes about serious, important topics. I was blown away when she wrote 'It wasn't my fault,' a post about sexual assault."

         "Recommended Reading: ...SuperMommy's "It Wasn't My Fault."

          "I read a blog post today that hit me so hard, I had to wipe back tears several times just to clear my blurred vision enough to keep reading." 

            "Becoming Super Mommy constantly reminds the readers of what is important in life, the beautiful moments that happen, almost without you ever seeing them, every single day."

              "Children are a work of art; it therefore stands to reason that to raise them takes an artist. Super Mommy, is just such an artist."

                "...Becoming Super Mommy will make you laugh with her through her daily life, share joy in the successes and victories of motherhood, and occasionally shed a tear."

                "This great lady talked about a subject that is very near to my heart, and I thought it was incredibly brave of her to share her feelings with the world."

                "If you’re ever in need of some inspiration to live with the uncertainty, pop over to this woman’s blog and read this..."

                "If you don't cry then you aren't human."

                "I triple dog dare you to read 'Confession' without catching baby fever.

                "This mom's hilarious attempt to photograph her three children is well told.You'll be sure to laugh too."

                "Keep reading to the end for redemption—we’ve all had our moments, we all need to haul up kindness and compassion (from ourselves to ourselves and to other tired, frazzled mamas). Honest, inspiring work, Lea."

                "Start with Lea Grover's Dear Less-Than-Perfect Mom. It's a lovely letter written to remind us all that we are not superwomen, nor do we need to be. Sometimes, I have great days where I manage to check every item off of my to-do list while feeding the kids nutritious meals, shuffling them back and forth between school-ballet-scouts-and-home, cleaning the house, and writing a few posts. But those days are few and far between. In fact, I think that may have happened only once. And I paid for it by coming down with the flu the next day. Aiming for perfect just isn't worth it."

                "These are the words of Lea Grover and they are powerful."

                "Lea is one of my all-time favorite writers. She always manages to put so much heart into her posts and this is a perfect example."

                "Lea Grover's essay "Sex Positive Parenting, or We Don't Touch Our Vulvas At The Table" is a dose of unadulterated logic that actually frustrates me when I'm reminded how rare a piece on good sex-positive parenting like this is."

                "...I'm 100% in favor of the concept that the blog Becoming SuperMommy calls "Sex Positive Parenting."

                Note: I know that the term "sex-positive" will make a lot of feminists suspicious, and I had the same reaction, but this is a great piece and I think that this type of sex positivism - teaching kids that their bodies are not shameful - is important."

                "Most of us have been taught a shame-based version of sexuality and these shackles are hard to shake off when questions of sex and sexuality arise in our own parenting. If you are experiencing these issues yourself (I certainly have), read of this brilliant essay by Lea Grover."

                "For those of you who don't know her personally, I think what makes Lea remarkable is that having kids has not caused her to lose her humanity, personality, or individuality, and as a result, she has some of the most well-adjusted kids I've ever met. Motherhood makes the most catty, judgmental aspects of many people come out - every form of racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and other hatreds for what makes other people "inferior" surface when people don't want their precious angels to turn out like that horrid lesser person. 
                " I've never seen a whiff of this from her. By being hugely educated about and accepting of all variations of humanity, Lea gives her kids room to be well-rounded, open-minded people. By maintaining her own interests and personality, she inspires them to develop their own. Most parents care a lot about their kids, but by also caring about herself and the world around her, she's teaching them to do the same." -- T.C. Safavi

                "This is great.  I wish it to be published across all social platforms!"  -- C.S.E. Cooney

                "This is the BEST DAMN THING I've read all day, hands down! Thank you so much for this." -- kario

                "This has to be the best thing ever written about yeast infections."  -- Joella

                "Like life itself you have a way of just throwing all in the pot and just shaking it up."  -- anopisthographiste

                "GREAT post!  I was dying laughing!"  -- Jacqueline Paris

                "This post is incredible.  Yours usually are, so I'm not surprised, but man!"  -- Joyful Sparrow

                "BECOMING Supermommy??  I'd say you ARE Supermommy!!"  -- Kate of Late

                "Beyond words great post.  As someone who's been through the same experience, it is phenomenal to read it put this way - I've never seen it done before and yet it is so simple.  Thanks again for a great read!"  -- Yankee Texan

                "I just stumbled upon your blog and I gotta say, you are just too darn hilarious!" -- Design it Chic

                "Wow... LOL... wow."  -- RoryBore

                "I have no idea how I stumbled onto your blog, but this post had me crying my eyes out, for I too have a JS!"  -- Mommy Confessions

                "A great analysis of Tiger Mom.  You. Are. The. Best."  -- Kris McDermott

                "For about 30 years, I've been building up a favorite quotations file.  Some of them are more serious than others, and a few are taken outrageously out of context.  Quote #1247 is the first one from one of  my offspring:  'The internet is, in most ways, worse than the real world.  -- Lea Grover'  Congratulations."  -- Nathaniel Borenstein


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