July 21, 2010

Mother Nature's Sadistic Sense of Humor

As you probably remember from our last episode, SuperMommy had been DEFEATED by the Horrible Confederation of Evil Illnesses, and had finally called in the reserves.  There was no air conditioning, her children were waffling on the edge of heat exhaustion and illness, and her husband was fast falling into her well of misery.

SuperMommy started taking antibiotics, steroids, using an inhaler to help her breathe.  All of which did NOT interrupt breast feeding.  Miraculous, but true.

And then, Mother Nature thought up a very funny joke.  Mother Nature said, "SuperMommy!  What's the ONE THING that I can do to you that will make you more miserable and uncomfortable?"

Yes, after pushing two years, the red menace has returned.  The antibiotics interrupted SuperMommy's birth control, and here she lies- retaining more water and cramping in this ungodly heat, with her head a solid block of lead and her lungs an immobile knot.

Oh, Mother Nature, some days I could just throttle you.  Or cry.

Damn you, Confederation of Evil Illnesses!  Damn you, Mother Nature!  Thanks to you, we're down to one breast feeding a day, with all signs pointing to "Wean Soon."

Oh, Mother Nature.  Some day I will learn to bow to your whims without complaint, but not today, you heinous bitch.  Not today.

1 comment:

  1. You will recover from your illness.
    I don't remember the return of my period having any affect on breastfeading.
    But there's nothing wrong with weaning whenever you're ready now.

    Like a superhero, you're working past and through problems.



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