August 29, 2010

SuperMommy Mania

DD and Peaches
Being SuperMommy is a little bit much for anyone.  Let alone the perpetually underachieving and generally lazy.  Yes, that's how I see myself.  Perpetually underachieving, and generally lazy.  I always figured it was really more of a lifestyle choice than an actual character attribute.  I'm beginning to think I was wrong.  In order to test the theory that I'm just sort of lazy, I signed myself up for a lot of stuff.  And what do you know, it's kinda hard.

SI is going to eat your face.
SuperMommy has a lot on her plate.  First of all, there's being a mother to twins nearing their first birthday.  That's a bit daunting.  Baby-proofing is a constant process, as they learn to crawl faster and FASTER and FASTER, as they learn to walk (that's coming quick, you better believe), and as they generally figure out that those drawers OPEN!  And that cord COMES OUT OF THE WALL!  The world is an exciting place for a baby and an exhausting place for a parent.

Then there's the general load of being a house frau.  Cooking, cleaning, entertaining... not to mention the parenthetical duties of being a social secretary and dietitian.  Along with this comes the not completely standard duties of being a wife- which includes being a medical advocate, dutiful taker of various notes, and occasionally a broken record.

SuperMommy is also a social creature- she loves he friends and family and does her damndest to make sure that she and her domestic unit attend all the weddings, parties, and whatnots that they are able.

SuperMommy has recently returned to actually taking care of herself as well.  This has included (not so) regular gym attendance, and coming soon MARATHON TRAINING!  Why?  Because SuperMommy is absolutely insane.

A book, DD's best friend.
Part and parcel of caring for SuperMommy is the cultivation of SuperMommy's relaxation tools.  This includes regular time in the studio, the occasional book, and cooking.

So what could SuperMommy do that could possibly make her life more chaotic?  What could she come up with that would add even more stress, more pressing demands on her time, and the ever present panic of deadlines?

That's right.  SuperMommy is in school.  She's taking twice as many classes as in the spring, and for the first time since getting married they are ALL in her major- which has the weighty title of Urban Policy and Public Administration.

The girls, SI and DD, are not oblivious to the changes taking place around their environment.  They notice every new gate, every new fence, every baby-proofing measure, and of course they notice SuperMommy's conspicuous distraction and absence.  While DD, in quintessential DD form, copes by being ever more affectionate and loving whenever she sees SuperMommy, poor SI is a little more distressed.

I can't leave a room.  I can't hand her to her father.  I can't pay attention to her sister.  And I sure as hell can't do my homework.

SI happily clinging to SuperMommy
SI wants to live in my arms.  She wants to sit in my lap and pound on my keyboard.  She wants me to hold her hands while she walks the length of our condo over and over again.  She wants me to ask her ad nauseum, "How big is SI?" so she can spread her arms, "SOOOOO BIG!"

I remember back in the winter months, Daddy was SI's favorite.  And I can't lie, it made me a little sad.  It was nothing compared to this.  To make it worse, Daddy is also in school.  When the going gets tough, the tough go to grad school.  So Daddy is back in school as well, with more classes and a more demanding workload than SuperMommy.

Life is pretty crazy right now for SuperMommy.  Between her children's newfound SuperMommy fanaticism and her own building mental breakdown, life is fairly chaotic.

The good news is that we're getting used to it.  We're adapting to this new existence, building new routines.  I'm teaching M to cook more meals so that when he gets back from night classes and I'm engrossed in my homework, he can make his own healthy dinner instead of living off of PB&J and corn chips.

So has SuperMommy bitten off more than she can chew?  Only time will tell.  But for now, please take this as one long apology letter.  I might not be updating this blog as much as I'd like.

...but I promise you this, faithful readers: Whether or not I find the time to tell you about all the new teeth the girls grow all at once (SI cut three in one day), or all the new things they're learning to do, or the beautiful relationship I'm watching grow between them, I will keep posting the occasional picture filled post.  So at least you can get a bit of you baby fix.

DD and SI.  Happy, happy babies.

Until then- SuperMommy out!

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