December 2, 2010

Gigantic Screwups

Day one with the grublings
I understand that we all make mistakes.  That I will continue to accidentally walk into my kids, trip them while I try to pull up their pants, get soap in their eyes...

Today I screwed up.  I was closing the bathroom door, and had my eyes on SI.  She was trying to get into the bathroom, and I was trying to keep her out.  Unbeknown to me, DD was behind me, grabbing hold of the door jam.  Which is to say that I closed her fingers in the door- HARD.

DD and SI waking up SuperMommy
I absolutely panicked.  She was screaming, her finger was rapidly turning purple, and it was sort of flattened with a giant dent it in.  I was sure it was broken.  She wouldn't let me ice it, and she screamed and screamed.

I learned a few things.  One- baby digits are squishy.  It is completely undamaged, despite its horrific appearance at the time.

Two, DD might be the most thoughtful and affection person I'd ever known.  What did she do after I desperately tried to make her first really nasty boo-boo better?

She stopped crying, and she gave me lots and lots of watery, boogery kisses.  She's usually pretty reticent about giving kisses, it's SI who kisses like crazy.  DD made ME feel better, even while she was still obviously hurting and scared.

 I would be hard pressed to say that I'd do it again, because I still feel AWFUL.  But I do feel like I must be doing something right, because these kids are just wonderful.

Napping with two of my favorite people

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  1. You might recall that I had a similar experience last week when I overexuberantly smashed SI's head into the ceiling. She didn't hold it against me for an instant. I don't think it even *occurs* to babies that the people they love could be responsible for hurting them. Their world is full of random events, and when one of those events hurts, they turn to us for comfort, never dreaming it might actually be our fault.

    But of course, that doesn't make us feel any better, and perhaps even makes us feel worse, for (accidentally) betraying that trust.



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