January 12, 2011

Parenting is Gross

For those of you who might not have children, you would be shocked at how disgusting parenting can be.

The girls have been eating a lot of orange segments lately.  Well, not as many as a few weeks ago.

You see, orange segments make the. world's. grossest. poo.

While most of the fruit is digested, some goes through completely unhurt.  Those tear-shaped bits that make up a citrus fruit's delicious juiciness?  They come out completely unharmed in toddler poo.  They're also ridiculously hard to clean off, as they're sticky and just sort of roll all over the place.  While you're trying to change a squirming toddler.

Worst of all... once in a while... they pop.  And then you've been squirted by a globule of poo-juice.

Just think of that next time you decide you might want to have kids.

Or never think of it again.  I certainly try not to.

Toilet training starts next week.

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