March 9, 2011

I'm all over the place!

Check out my guest post on Dear Delilah, Fine and Fair!

It's all about attachment parenting with twins.  And, of course, maintaining your sanity.  Always very important.

The serious business of modeling with blueberries
Today has been absolutely insane.  First thing in the morning, we were off to Kolcraft to test drive their new stroller.  I didn't even know they had a test driving facility in Chicago.  I think I managed to give them some good feedback.  Also, I'm amazed that a single stroller, made specifically for testing purposes, would be a much shoddier creation than a mass produced stroller.  But, there you have it.  It was still pretty cool, and the girls got to play with crayons for about an hour.

At least DD did.  SI ran around the conference room in a giant circle over and over again, while making her gazillion decibel happy squeal sound.  Good thing the other children thought it was funny.  In the less than two minutes that DD spent without crayons in hand, she managed to make fast friends with a little girl at least twice her age.  The little girl carried her around a bit and they both laughed and laughed and laughed.  It was remarkably charming.

"Auntie" Rocka at my wedding
From there, it was off to Time Out Chicago!  One of my old and dear friends from my art school days (and a bridesmaid in my wedding) needed some toddlers for a shoot, and here I was- with toddlers in hand, so to speak.  My extremely beautiful and talented daughters modeled for an upcoming issue of Time Out's family magazine- so if you're in the area stay on the lookout for DD's gorgeous little knuckles.  The ones probably covered in bits of blueberries.

Then, to the bank LIKE A REAL GROWN UP and then home.  And none of this would be possible if my children hadn't learned to climb the stairs.  To our third floor walk-up.

The amazing and talented "Auntie" Rocka
The girls went down for a nap, and me for an abundance of homework.  Which I am now procrastinating, because I'm still too angry about my day yesterday to be much help to those jerks.  (More on this later, I promise.)

And that way the first half of my day.  And quite a crazy one at that.  And did I mention that I look absolutely fabulous today?  Because I do.  :)

So if in one morning I can guest write for another blog, test drive a stroller, and provide toddlers for Time Out, I think I'm pretty much achieving all superhero ambitions for the time being.

Now if you'll excuse me, there's a masked man surrounded by henchmen robbing the grocery store.  Now where did I put my cape...

Bonus- the whole wedding party

Don't forget!  Send me your family sketches!!!

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