April 27, 2011

Checking in with you, my lovely readers

Everyone in this house is constantly exhausted.
Hello, lovely readers!

I'd like to have a little chat with you about what you'd like to read.

You see, recently I've been doing a bit more explorations across the mommy-blogosphere, and what I've found surprised me somewhat.

Always the last one to get to sleep...
Like you (I imagine), my blog-reading is sort of focused on voyeurism.  I want to read about other people's children, other people's lives.  To feel connected in this increasingly isolated yet interconnected world.  And as parents, I know that a lot of us are VERY isolated.  No matter how much we love our kids, they're not exactly much for stimulating conversation (unless your kids are a LOT older than mine, in which case just ignore my assumptions, which as you know make an ass of me).  As you might remember from a few earlier mentions I don't have a lot of friends with kids.  And it's hard to get out and make more friends with kids.  So I spend a lot of my non-school time just on my own with the girls.  But I digress.

Much of the mommy-blogosphere is a money oriented enterprise.  And I had no idea.  I didn't realize that it was reviews, giveaways, coupons, contests and promotions.  Of course there's a place for that, but I really don't want it to be here.  I want this to continue to be my happy, vaguely zen space in which I ramble without any particular goal.
Possibly the last time I took a nap

I've always loathed the idea of being made into an advertisement.  Sure, if it's a product I believe in I'll promote it like it was my job, but I'm picky.  The only band t-shirts I've ever worn were a home-made Radiohead hoodie (I embroidered a Minotaur onto the back myself) and my Harry and the Potters, "This Guitar is a Horcrux" t-shirt.  Yes, I am a giant nerd.  Still, I kind of want to sell out.  I'd love to make money writing, especially something as close to my heart as this blog.

I've been joining up with a lot more blog-hops and whatnot recently, but I'm disheartened.  I don't want to sign up for endless giveaways, I want to read about people and their children and their lives.  People are so much more interesting than stuff.

Yup.  Totally jealous.
So here's what I'd love to know from you- do you actually read about my silly life?  Do you want to know about all the wonderful products that I adore and use on a daily basis?  Do you want me to stop writing about myself so much and get back to writing about the amazing little people I was supposed to focus on in the first place?

I'd love to get your feedback.  I write mostly for myself, but I am humbled and honored to have an audience, and I want to give you what you want.  I want you to be happy every time you stop by.  And nobody can tell me how to do that for you better than you.

I await your answers with bated breath.  Or I would, if I wasn't so exhausted.

I wish I was doing this right now.
All my best, lovely readers.



  1. Keep doing what you're doing! I love to read about your life, your beautiful kids, your daily goings-on. Please don't stop!

  2. Love your blog!!!!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog hop.

    Lioness-Your newest follower

  3. I wonder if you could hide product reviews under a cut of somesort like on lj, and if so, I would be greatly pleased. I enjoy blogs that are more of a good combo of everything though, and I trust your judgement wouldn't turn your blog into walmart.com so, do what you do grl.

  4. I'm with you. The blog is supposed to be a web log, not a billboard. It's nice if someone wants to give you a couple bucks to stick a little badge on the side of the screen, but I enjoy reading what goes on in your life (and your head) not what someone is going to pay you to say. Some people get into this for the money - and that's fine, let them do the billboard stuff; there's certainly a need for that outlet. But for those that start doing things out of passion, love and pride (aka parent blogs), I think they should keep them pure. That's just my thought. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to pitching Apple products on my own blog.

  5. Just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check my site for the info!

  6. I'm a new follower but will tell you I like getting a peek into other people's lives and comparing with my own. I'd keep doing what you are doing.

  7. Hi! I am here for Hop Along Friday. I'm following you and hope you'll follow me too!

  8. I like reading about other people. I started my blog to make money. That's the truth, but I don't know how to do it and keep "myself" in it also. So, until I figure it out, I'll keep writing about my kids and my life and my beliefs and whatever else. I say, keep writing about yourself and your kids and your life! Thanks for stopping by my bloghop! Have a great weekend!

  9. Aww how adorable!

    I just found your blog through one of the Saturday blog hops! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Amanda @ www.nutritionistreviews.com

  10. I like hearing about your entire family, you included. I would like a simpler web design, a mobile option. I wait far too long for this web page to finish loading.



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