April 4, 2011

Happiness and Baseball

M eating a hot dog
My life is just a little bit hectic.  Just a tad.

And there are a lot of constant stresses.  Am I going to succeed in my classes, with the insane number of distractions around me?  Are we ever going to really get into potty training to win it?  How can I function when I'm so friggin' tired all the time?

So with all of this going on, as you can imagine doing things like going out to relax with M might not exactly be on my to-do list.

But it is.  If M and I didn't get out, alone, together, every once in a while... I can't imagine what I might do.

At Wrigley
It all goes back to one of my "General Rules of Parenting," maintaining a good relationship with your co-parent is a very, very good thing that you can do for your kids.

And if that means not finishing some homework one day and not doing the dishes or cleaning up my living room or catching up on laundry so that M and I could go see a baseball game on opening weekend?  The first REALLY nice day maybe all year?

Yeah, the chores and homework didn't stand a chance.

Considering how little M and I see each other, I feel that it's extra important that we get some time to just enjoy each other's company- to be in love and happy and ourselves for a few hours.  And I am happy and in love with my husband.

So we had a nearly perfect date.  We went to a baseball game, we got cat called and jeered at a bit for our attire (GO PIRATES! proclaimed my hat, while M wore his throwback Twins #34 jersey).  The Pirates won, which was miraculous, and then we grabbed some shakes at a diner we used to frequent while we were dating.

Go Pirates!
And then?  Back home, in time for all the post-bath insanity our children offer.  They were clean and cheerful, winding themselves down before bed, and it was ridiculous.

So not only did we get to really enjoy each other, to really spend the sort of grown-up time together that we desperately need to keep ourselves from going crazy, we got to come home to a perfect reminder of why we had children.  Of how happy we are with almost every aspect of our lives.

How worth it this all is.

Go Milkshakes!
It is worth it.  All the stress, it's all going towards an easier, better future.  When we both graduate we'll be so much more comfortable, we'll have so much more time, and our stresses might even diminish a bit.

In just one year, we can start to breathe again.

Our children being completely insane- a ten minute long example:

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  1. I agree! We need that time to remember why we got married in the first place...I don't think it was just so we could be the parents of 12 kids. And if we never have time together, there definitely won't be any more!



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