June 15, 2011

Makin' with the Smarts

Becoming SuperMommy is all smart and ready for school!
Hello lovely readers!

As you may not be aware, my summer semester just started.  Oh, and it's a doozey.

That said, I think I've found a nice rhythm.  Gardening, cleaning, crafting, studying, and going to class, all balanced precariously on the presumption that I am capable of maintaining this sort of pace for eight whole weeks.

We'll soon find out!  Thank goodness I live with a Spanish tutor (I love you M!), thank goodness my daughters have decided that summer is for sleeping in, thank goodness I have friends who will babysit for free, and thank GOD that I finally figured this semester out!  For a day or so, I honestly thought this summer would completely derail my graduation.

All this to say that... I probably won't have much time for blogging this summer.  I'm sorry my lovely readers, but it's true.  Nap times and post-bedtimes are now relegated to the realm of mis clases.  I must study and do my homework instead of writing about life around Casa SuperMadr√© para ti.  (Yes, I'm taking Spanish.)

But I have new glasses!  See?  Now I look extra smart!  And that means that I will WIN THE SEMESTER!

Coming up (when I've got the chance): all about our summer rhythm, which is lovely.  And about gardening (yesterday I almost finished prepping most of my garden!).  And about how our life is, like you, most lovely.

Many thanks, and I'll be seeing you soon!


  1. Good luck in school! I'm a bit envious ;-).

  2. Good luck and enjoy the semester! Just remember- You can do eet!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by...and intelligent conversations yes are much better....my mother-in-law who I often am referring too...(which he is unaware lol) is what my posts are about...she is one-sided, and a hypocrite...claims to throw all this religion at you but then sins constantly thinking its ok as long as you ask god for forgiveness....but it's ok to make mistakes..but to purposely sin, lie, and be all about yourself...and then go to god...well I don't think that is right....I am following you back...and I love your button btw



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