September 8, 2011

Best Of!

Hello, lovely readers!

As you probably haven't noticed, I've added a new little feature to the blog.  It's a "Best Of" tab.

Right now, it has my own personal favorite posts on it.

But, if you know what parenthood is like, the last few years just kind of blur together at this point.  I have a hard time remembering things like where I left my keys (answer: vegetable strainer full of tomatoes), or why I called my husband on my way to the grocery store, or whether or not I put a clean diaper on my kid ten minutes ago.

So I would LOVE somebody else's nominations.

What stands out in your memory?  What did you enjoy?

After all, I'm still building this blog.  I'm still learning where it fits in the greater universe of cyberspace, IF it fits into that place, and pleased and surprised that somebody out there is reading and enjoying it.

Many thanks, for that.  :)

Who knows?  Maybe the "Best Of" tab will give me a jumping off point for a book.  You know, because I have all this free time to fill with writing a Becoming SuperMommy book.  :)

Best of!  Let me know what you think!

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