November 10, 2011

Thank You, Mystery Friend!

Yesterday, we got an odd package in the mail.

It was a poster tube, with no return address.  And it was sent not to me, but to my children.

Naturally, I opened it.  It was a little complicated, as the contents were DETERMINED not to come out, and we had just had Five Guys for dinner, so we were afraid of touching the contents in case we made them smeary with our gross greasy fingers.  But eventually, the contents emerged.  And they were wonderful.

From Switcheroo

Four poster sized art prints, of little girls with empowering phrases.  I knew I had seen them online before, and a quick Google search brought me to the website.

Lovely readers, these are not cheap.  Somebody forked over a huge amount of money to send such beautiful and thoughtful gifts to my children.
From Switcheroo

And I have absolutely no idea who it could have been.

Obviously, it was somebody who knows all about my loathing of the Disney Princesses.  Obviously, it was somebody who likes me and my kids, and obviously, it was somebody with some means of discovering our address (which sadly, probably isn't very hard to do).

I'm elated about it.  I am definitely picking up some frames today, and these are going up in the girls' room immediately.
From Switcheroo (This is M's favorite)

They'll look incredible in there.  I love that they encourage a wider variety of imagination play.  Little girls can pretend to be ANYTHING they want, not just princesses.  They can be knights.  They can be monsters.  They can be a bottle of shampoo if they so wish.  There is no limit to what they can dream, and these posters have REALLY made my day.  :)

Whoever you are, PLEASE let me know!  We're not creeped out or anything, we just want to thank you properly for your incredible generosity.
From Switcheroo

Thank you.  From all of us.


  1. Wow! How awesome! I LOVE these! But I don't want to check the website. With Christmas and SB's 3rd birthday a few days later, our bank account will be struggling enough. :) Lucky you! And thanks for sharing!

  2. I do not share your hatred of the Disney Princesses, but these are awesome!! And I DO believe that it's necessary to teach girls that they can be ANYTHING they want to be. I happen to believe that girls are smarter than boys, anyway! ;)



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