December 27, 2011

Post-Mid-Holiday Insanity Update

With thanks to the artist.
Just a quick check in with you, lovely readers, to wish you again Happy Holidays and to share a few highlights of our chaotic season so far:

  1. SI loves nothing more about the holidays than lighting the candles.  To the point where, if she is not able to light the candles, the sight of them will throw her into a fit.
  2. After a nice first-night discussion with M about the story of Channukah, new family traditions have been established.  The most important of which is the Ceremonial Watching of the orginial Star Wars Trilogy.  More on that later.
  3. My children are officially obsessed with Muppets.  No, we still haven't seen the new movie.
  4. Our trip to Minnesota did not involve any major car troubles, not did it involve a great deal of misery.  The worst things that happened were my children picking up really nasty colds from Grandpa, and me not being able to eat junk food in a house utterly filled to the brim with Grandma's indescribably amazing Christmas sweets.
  5. Thanks to Aunt Engineer's gifts, my children are now able to jump up and down and shout, "I LOVE MONEY!"  My inner socialist pinko is weeping.

It's the last night of Channukah tonight, and after another round of candles and gelt and dreidle (and maybe even latkes) we get prepared for our trip to the east- up to Guppy Lake for a belated Channukah and a New Year's celebration with Aunt Genocide, Poppa, and Grandmommy.

And then I promise you a ton of photo spam that will melt you into puddles of, "OMG such cute monkeys with their little slippers and microphones and pretty dresses and what on earth is THAT?"

And just in case you haven't been subjected to enough holiday cheer, a super-fun Channukah song, my FAVORITE Channukah song, and one of my favorite artists singing my favorite Christmas carol.

See you on the other side of the New Year!

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