January 12, 2012

Ask a Toddler- Daddy for President

I am happy to announce the return of our "Ask a Toddler" series!

Yes, after much renewed interest and a host of requests (okay, after two requests) we have brought together all of our resources in order to once again, Ask A Toddler.

Today, SI and DD answer questions about burning political issues.

I hope they manage to shed a little light on them for you.

...a disclaimer- DD does this thing when she's a little overexcited where she just stops making any sense.  The presence of markers is enough to make her reach that level of overexcitement.  Carry on.



  1. Ha! This cracks me up! : ) I realized that I never officially followed your blog, but I am now. : )

  2. They make about as much sense as many people in politics! SI and DD for president! You definitely need more of these.



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