April 1, 2012

Sunday Blogaround- 4.1.12

Sunday Blogaround!
I was going to play a ridiculous prank on you.  But instead, I'll share my favorite posts of the week.  Enjoy!

"All Princesses Say Woo Woo" - Happy Hippie Homemaker
A wonderful way to express what kind of entertainment has value and what, frankly, doesn't.  I love this, and I know exactly what sort of "woo woo" she's talking about!

"Kitchens... With A Twist!" - Departing the Text
A selection of books for children that prominently feature kitchens.  I love it.

"Cadbury Eggs" - xkcd
First of all, I LOVE xkcd.  It's a long time favorite of mine.  Second of all, I love- LOOOOOOOOVE- Cadbury Creme Eggs.  If M ever asked me to chose between him and my creme eggs... well... we'd have a really hard talk coming up.

Because Motherhood Sucks"Why? on Wednesday - Celebrity Edition" - Because Motherhood Sucks
I love this lady.  She cracks me up almost every time.  This is a rant about the insane things that celebrities do to their children that makes life more difficult than simply being the child of a celebrity.

"Father of the Email Attachment" - The Guardian UK
So, no, it isn't a blog post.  But it is from this week, it is about my father (who I am very proud of), and it does make me laugh my ass off every time I read it.  Also, bonus mention of me and my little ones.  :)

"Hey SAHMs: Here's Some Back To Work Resume Advice" - Honest Mom
Another one that made me laugh out loud.  I definitely see myself using at the very least the last of her suggestions when I update my resume this summer.  Are the suggestions honest, though?  You be the judge.

"Pop Tart French Toast Souffle" - Dude of the House
Seriously, if the title alone didn't have you salivating, there is probably something wrong with you.  That, or this just appeals way too strongly to my current pregnancy-cravings-of-doom mindset.

"Soccer" - The Hossman Chronicles
I know, I referred you to Daddy Hoss last week, too.  But I just love this post.

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