April 15, 2012

Sunday Blogaround - 4.15.12

Welcome to another edition of the Sunday Blogaround!

It's been another busy week of blogging out in the internet ether.  Lucky for all of us!  Here are my favorite posts from the week.

Photobucket"Sewviver Rewind: Eyelet Dress" - googiemomma
The gooogiemama wows me again.  What a gorgeous project.  Wow.

"Caine's Arcade" - Short Fat Dictator
You've probably seen the video.  It's really sweet.  And the Short Fat Dictator has a different perspective on it to make it wonderful all over again.

"Little Known Facts of the Leaf-Blower Economic Model" - The Writing Life
As a student of public policy, and therefore (much to my own loathing) economics, this made me laugh out loud pretty much the entire time.  Plus, those guys drive me nuts.

Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom
"I Need More Diversity" - Confessions of a Stay-At-Home-Mom
I believe I've made my feelings on this subject very clear.  If not, I'll have to remedy that.  But I always appreciate other people expressing the same views- that differences are simply differences, and the more we are exposed to them in other people the better it makes us.  And most specifically, our children.

"Help to Create A World Without ALS" - The O'Gs
There are many diseases in this world that are, to date, incurable.  One of the most heartbreaking of these is ALS.  Because this disease is so rare, the US Government dedicates no funds to researching a cure.  But there is something you can do.  This event is May 12, so there is still plenty of time to help.

"Growing Pains: Whereas the Role of the Mom is Played by Joan Crawford, Not Joanna Kearns" - 649.133
Sometimes, I wonder if Janel is actually living inside of my brain.  Or if some parts of motherhood are just this universal.  I'm not sure which of those scenarios is more comforting.

 THE PREPPY GIRL IN PINK"It's Not Easy Being The Oldest" - The Preppy Girl In Pink
The bedtime issue was a huge deal for me when I was a kid.  As the middle child, I always felt somehow neglected.  Disrespected if my younger sister was given the same privileges as me, maligned if I wasn't given the same privileges as my older sister.  I don't know how I'll make it work when we're dealing with kids at different ages over here, but I hope I can avoid making anybody feel misunderstood and hurt.


  1. Thanks for doing a blog around on Sunday. It makes for some great reads. Love your blog!

  2. Your brain sounds fun to live in. So glad you liked it :)



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