April 22, 2012

Sunday Blogaround -4.22.12

Hello!  And welcome to another edition of the blogaround!

There was a lot of great stuff out there this week... as every week.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

BWS tips button"A Defining Moment" - The Mom Pledge Blog
Elizabeth of the Mom Pledge has started a two week series on giving birth.  It's amazing how awful moms can be to each other when it comes to something as simple as how your child came out of your body and into the world.  Each day the Mom Pledge Blog has (and will) feature another birth story.  I highly recommend checking it out!

"Willa Dawn's Birth Story" - Super Mom Blog
I love birth stories!  Summer is a mom blogger I've been reading for some time- and I've been anxious for this post since she announced she was pregnant... a few weeks before I was getting ready to announce I was pregnant.  So happy that she has welcomed her newest daughter into the world!

"National Public Gardens Day" - Toddling Around Chicagoland
This is a great event.  We did it last year, and had TONS of fun.  Find out what public gardens are near you and participating, and celebrate the spring outside.  In style.  :)

A(n) (un)Common Family

"Friday Fun, Photo Version: More Planking" - A(n) (Un)common Family
For some reason best known to herself, this mommy blogger's three year old has started planking.  No explanation.  Just... planking.  Yes, there are pictures.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors" - The Hossman Chronicles
There's a new sheriff in town at the Hossman house.  I love this post, first of all because of how well Daddy Hoss deals wish issues like marital strife and the bittersweet realities of children growing up, but also because I have Mommy Hoss-like rock, paper, scissors skills.  And I can imagine this someday happening to my family.  Sort of.

Misadventures in Motherhood"The Potty and the Pussycat" - Misadventures in Motherhood
Jenn cracks me up on a regular basis.  This post has a trifecta of my favorite humor elements.  Terrifying public toilets, random friendly animals, and attempts by Americans to get by in a foreign country in the native language.

"Attention: Baby" - Happy Hippie Homemaker
Rachel is due about two weeks after me.  It's always nice to share in the vicarious misery, excitement, and fear of a new baby, and this incredibly brief post sums it up perfectly.

Suburban Rebel Mom"Till Death Do Us Part" - Suburban Rebel Mom
M and I have conversations like this.  Except there are no dragons involved.

"Dog" - Life With Gemelos!
I am so jealous right now.  As you might already know, I really want a dog.  Unfortunately, it doesn't make a lot of sense to get a dog right now.  Period.  So many reasons.  While I don't want a German Shephard (believe it or not, those just aren't big enough for me), I would LOVE IT if we lived anywhere near a breeder.  Taking the girls out to play with puppies?  PLEASE???????

"Yom Hashoah- Never Forget" - The New Glasers
This week marked Yom Hashoah.  This is one woman's personal account of how her family has been shaped and changed by the events of the Holocaust.  She's writing from Israel, which adds a different kind of flavor to her perspective- in the United States the day passes almost unnoticed.  In Israel, it is a Big Deal.

"The Post That Never Should Have Existed" - Poop And Other Things Moms Talk About
And now for something completely different.  Moving past the awesomeness that is the title of this blog, this post is hilarious.  All about bad days as blog fodder, and when the line is crossed between, "This will be hilarious," and "Dear God get me out of here."

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