April 8, 2012

Sunday Blogaround 4.8.12

Welcome to another edition of the Sunday Blogaround!

This has been a wonderful week for other bloggers- if not for me.  I've been so busy with Passover and whatnot that I've hardly had time to enjoy the fruits of other writers' labors.

But here they are- the best of the week as determined by yours truly.  Enjoy!

"Baseball Immortality" - Daddy Knows Less
This week marked the start of Baseball Season.  Baseball Season... that which provides us hope in the darkest depths of a midwestern winter.  That which reminds us that better times are coming.  And of course, opening day (a disaster this year of pointless changes) is the best day of the year- when your baseball team is undefeated for a few glorious seconds.... at least, if your team is the Pirates and they have the rotten no-good luck to play the hated Phillies for the first game of the year.  At any rate, here's a lovely post filled with baseball and fatherly love.  Which in my experience, pretty much always go together.

"Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights?" - Try Defying Gravity
My favorite post from the first night of Passover (not that I got to enjoy it that day), and also as short as everybody wishes their seder could possibly be.

"Simplicity Parenting: Keep it Simply" - on Diapers and Daisies
I agree so strongly on this one.  So many parents insist on stimulating their children to the point of no thought at all... I'm not sure that I'm with the author when it comes to the finer details, but when it comes to just leaving your kid alone and letting them be for a few minutes/hours?  Yeah, that's how I try to parent.

"The Bully Project" - The Family Pants
The Family PantsIn case you haven't heard of it, recently a film came out about bullying in schools.  It's a heartbreaking documentary, and it's the sort of tool that can be used for genuine good when it comes to the lives of our children.  I've written many times about bullying, and about the examples that we as adults need to set.  I'm very happy to have the Family Pants share their voice and story in support of this kind of education and awareness.

"Keeping Up with the Joneses" - Rediscovering Our Family
Another post on the "keep it simple" theme.  Only this time, for your family as a whole- not just for your children.  I love it.

"Returning Thanks" - Weak and Loved
I go through this process whenever M and I find ourselves waiting around in the Oncology center at our hospital.

"If I Had $1000000" - Dude of the House
The Dude of the House agrees with me when it comes to "kids music."  He regularly posts songs that he likes to share with his children, and I have yet to disagree.  This is a particular favorite.

The Crafting Hobbit"Nightstand Face Lift" - The Crafting Hobbit
Super cool DIY!  If I had the time... I would so do this.  In fact, once I find a dresser for Baby X's room, I just might do it for her.  :)

"Meeting Emma" - Dad of the Decade
Okay, now this is something completely different.  Dad of the Decade has been writing about the experience of the first months/years of his daughter's life.  She was diagnosed with an incredibly rare cancer in the womb, and Dad of the Decade has been retelling this story both beautifully and painfully.  This is a vignette- it stands alone.  But be prepared with tissues and somebody to give you a hug.

"The Neediness of Twins" - The Kopp Girls
Need some cheering up now that you've read "Meeting Emma?"  Here you go.  Nothing warms my heart more than twin sisters being best friends.

"Second Guessing is Lame" - Michelle Mossey
We all do it.  She just puts it really well.  (On a side note, this reminds me very much of a few nights ago when, utterly exhausted, I was trying to put the children to bed.  As I left the room, SI said, "Mommy- you want to kiss me!"  I had forgotten to kiss my daughters goodnight!  "Me too!" added DD!  "You're right," I said.  "I do want to kiss you."  I gave them kisses, and they went almost straight to sleep.  That night, no second guessing for me.)

"Late Night Baby Party"- Short Fat Dictator
A reminder of what I'm looking forward to this fall and winter.  Babies and toddlers, each with their own sleeping issues.  Complete with the passing desire to kill your spouse.  At least she makes it funny!

Suburban Rebel Mom"Silent Week" - Suburban Rebel Mom
As any of us with kids know, sometimes all you think you want is a break.  A week, without your kids.  Where they leave you alone, where they're somebody else's problem.  Well, she got just that.  And it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  Suburban Rebel Mom actually wrote a lot of stuff this week that I wanted to share with you, but this is the best.  So once you've read it, you should check out the other stuff she's been writing, like this post about star gazing, or this one about dress shopping.  Trust me, you'll enjoy it.

"I Think It's Going Around" - 649.133
First of all- in case I've never mentioned it before, I think this is the cleverest parenting blog title I have ever heard.  Library nerds, rejoice.  Moving on- Janel writes about Baby Fever.  Particularly, the Baby Fever of one who already has babies and therefore knows what a dumb idea it is to have another one.  I need to remind myself to revisit this post when Baby X is about four months old.


  1. Awww, thanks for the shout out! I've got my boys back and within 15 minutes of their arrival our ohuse was trashed and the boys were arguing over toys. In other words, everything is back to normal =)

    Looking forward to checking out these other blogs you recomend.

    I hope that you had a wonderful passover!

  2. Thank you so much for including my post! I am honored. I love your blog :)



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