April 17, 2012

This Time Last Pregnancy

This time last pregnancy
Last week marked two years since I started blogging over here at Becoming SuperMommy, but before than, I used to blog about pregnancy things in my private journal.  I've recently been revisiting (again) my posts from my pregnancy with the girls.  Seeing what was different, seeing what was the same... it's fun.  And kind of scary.

At any rate, at exactly this point in my previous pregnancy, I was pretty much at this exact point in my previous pregnancy.  All the same routines, the same worries... well, many of the same worries.  And it turns out my nesting instinct runs pretty much like clockwork.

So what was I doing at 32 weeks pregnant with my twins?

Grubling Things and Other Ways In Which My Life Seems Utterly Surreal
Closer and closer... every day pushes us closer to being a family of four.

Pretty crazy, no?

We've been putting together the grubling room. Phil's moved out, and now it's just assembling furniture, rearranging furniture, and decorating.

Let me say that again, I have been DECORATING a room for my BABIES. Or at least preparing to do so. I have a huge stack of fabric which will shortly become curtains, an interactive felt farm scene, and most likely a crib bumper. We've bought a new ceiling fan to install in there- the blades are all different bold colors.

Cribs are much larger than you would imagine they'd be. That room is filling up fast. I've already picked out a few pieces of art to go in there, changed my mind on them, and picked out a few different ones. I'm extremely happy with my choice of cherry finishes and sleigh style furniture. I'm equally happy with my bright green walls. Critics be damned! And I'm happiest with the prices we've paid for all of the furniture- we're up to a total of $400. And only three items are actually used.

Now- who wants to come over and help me paint the alphabet border along the ceiling? I have a hunch M won't let me on the ladder. Oh right- I'm supposed to be on bed rest.

The finished product
This is all very strange. I still don't feel like I have babies in me. Grublings, sure, but those are different. Seeing their human parts on the ultrasound, or feeling them through my skin, or finding out how much they weigh, or having interactions with them (we can play games!) just doesn't translate in my brain to... well... having babies.

I just don't buy this whole, "We're having babies," thing. It doesn't seem possible. And yet, here we are. With cribs. And a changing table. And... a nursery.

What the f#@* are we doing with all this baby stuff?

It's an awfully elaborate prank.

Speaking of odd moments pertaining to the encroaching reality of having babies, I scheduled a consult with the anesthesiologist today. Halfway through getting all the required info (twins, due date, medical complications, presentation, etc.) the scheduler stops and says,

"Are you... are you listening to... is that Rage Against the Machine?"
"(long pause) ...yes."
"(long pause) ...awesome."

I have absolutely no business becoming a parent.


32 weeks pregnant with one
This time around?  I've picked out the furniture- it's white, and it's Concord styled.  I'm ready to paint.  I've got my fabrics all picked out, and mostly purchased (all but the one I'm ordering online).  I'm putting together the pieces- hopefully by the end of this weekend... most of the work will be done.

I'm still amazed at how big baby furniture is.  I'm still in disbelief about *baby*.  And yet... here I am.

With a nursery coming together.  Pretty sure I had no business having a baby.

This time last pregnancy, I was exactly where I am now.

Three weeks later, I had two babies in my arms.

...let's hope Baby X can stay put a little bit longer than that.


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  2. Pregnancy is probably the most surreal state of being, ever.

    Also, you look fabulous.



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