May 9, 2012

Alternate Plans

Several weeks ago
As you probably know from glancing to the right hand side of your screen, or from glancing at this picture right here... I'm super pregnant right now.  Due with grubling number three in a number of weeks.  I anticipate that she'll be a little early.

And, as you probably know from reading several recent posts, it has been my plan to have a VBAC.

But, as my OB constantly likes to tell me, "There's just something weird about your uterus, isn't there?"

What's weird about it?  The only position that babies like to hang out in there is transverse.

...babies can't come out vaginally if they're transverse.  It just doesn't work.  It's like a German Shepherd trying to climb through a cat door starting with one hing leg.  Not going to happen.

Sort of this time last pregnancy- with twins
(I had actually already popped by now)
(Yes, I just compared my vagina to a cat door.)

So we're back to the glorious days of "trying to turn the baby around."  How I remember this from my previous pregnancy.  The daily moxabustion, the routine acupuncture, the hanging out upside down, the flashlights, the music, the firm but cautious belly massage to gently encourage this stubborn little one to just get her damn hip out of my cervix and replace it with her head...

And in the meantime, I need to reconcile myself to the idea that I might very well be facing a repeat c-section.  Because nobody will let me try to labor a transverse baby out naturally, even under the best of circumstances.

And while I endeavor to make peace with the facts of my "weird uterus" and the remind myself that the invention of the c-section is responsible for such advances as ensuring that a woman and transverse twins can all survive the birth process, I learn/remember more and more of the things that I loathed about the end of pregnancy.

Over eating is a problem.
Like "Things That Cause Contractions."

1. Over eating
2. Coughing
3. Climbing the stairs to my third floor walk-up
4. Laughing too hard
5. Lifting up my daughters to tickle them
6. Vomiting

...oh right, vomiting.

I caught a stomach bug this week.  Always glorious when you're into your final month of pregnancy.

I should be back at 100% in... well... let's face it, not until after this baby comes out.  Give me another month, and we'll see how things are going over at Casa SuperMommy.  In the meantime, what's happening around here?

They're awfully cute.
On Friday we're going out to celebrate M's success with a dinner cruise down the river.  Yes, there will be lots of pictures of the girls being very excited on a boat.

Saturday, my husband receives his Master's degree.  I've never seen anyone work so hard as he has these last two years in my entire life.  There will be many pictures of him with his hood and diploma.

The following Monday, it's back to school with me for my final class.

...and the following weekend my friends are throwing me a baby shower.

...and then it's me and M's anniversary.

...and then Baby X is due.

Somewhere in there, the girls are being evaluated for a speech delay (twins, what can I say?), I'm *hopefully* finishing up some nursery projects and belated wedding presents, and we're taking the girls to their first baseball game.

So in short, I'm sorry I haven't been around much.  Things have been busy.  They are SO busy.  And much as I love you all, and I LOVE writing, and I wish I could be here, writing, daily...


This month is non-stop insanity.
I think you all probably understand.  :)

That said, you can expect a post for each of the super fun things we do around here.  Which means, at least two a week all month (plus the Sunday Blogaround).  And then?  Then I think I'm going to hand the reigns over to Poppa to write about the early days with Baby X for a while.  If he's willing.

Becoming SuperMommy


  1. Wow, you are going to be one busy mama these next few weeks!

  2. Yeah, kind of hard to get a transverse baby out the old fashion way. Hoping you are able to get the little one in the right position (have you checked out Spinning Babies dot com?) but if not, I hope you're able to come up with a plan to have a peaceful birth no matter how the little one comes out!

  3. I have officially given mine a 30 day or less eviction notice starting today! Yay! I didn't make it past 38 weeks last time, hoping for the same results this time



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