May 23, 2012

Baby Showers Bring May... Babies?

Big sisters in just a few short weeks!
Well, probably not.  Baby X is on track to stay entrenched in my uterus well into June, although we've hit the magical "term" time, when I don't have a preemie in my belly- just a baby.  Which means she can get out any time she pleases.

My wonderful friends Aunt K and Aunt Texas threw me a shower last weekend.  It was lovely- alphabet themed and colorful and fun.

And Aunt Texas did double duty as hostess and photographer.  So the best pictures of the day are definitely hers.

And here they are!

DD is hiding in my skirt, because what better place is there to hide?

I love this kid.

Such a ham.

C is for cupcake!

C is for cupcake!

I have so many pictures of Uncle Texas and Uncle Robot making these faces.  Just not together.

Maybe my new favorite picture of me and M

L and Aunt K

This child has the most gorgeous eyes maybe ever...

Aunt K and SI and... something... up and to the right...

I am often both filled with and covered with children.  It can be overwhelming at times.

Baby Z covered in strawberries!

L and E!

Aunt Robot and Baby Z

Aunt Texas and DD

SI with Aunt and Uncle Robot

Passed out toddler.  A must for any event.

...make that two passed out toddlers.

Our friends the S's.  As you can see, the child dress code was Yo Gabba Gabba only.

Thank you, awesome friends!  If I ever get the opportunity, I'd like to shower you in style someday!

(For those of you who either couldn't make it, don't know me "IRL," or just feel particularly generous, we still have need of a few baby items- they're on the Buy Buy Baby registry {#6231682}.)

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