May 1, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Thank you, Bill Watterson.
As you may recall, some months ago I won a pie baking contest.

And, as you may recall, the same comic book shop that hosted said pie baking contest hosted a cake baking competition.  Right after my birthday.

Despite my incessant nesting, despite finals, despite all the things that have been keeping me busy and crazy and all sorts of occupied... I baked a cake.

Oh, how I baked a cake.

I baked so much freakin' cake.

And what did I do with that cake?

I made the world's most awesome comic themed cake ever.

Did I win the competition?  No.  Sadly, this time almost none of my friends were able to come out and support me (after one ridiculous hormonal breakdown, I'm okay), while several of the other bakers brought huge crews.  I mean, when the lady who runs the independent comic book company and is handing out alternate cover editions of great titles enters a cake... who doesn't vote for that?

At any rate, I took home the third prize.  And I'm very happy with that.

So what was my comic book themed cake?

Hot Cocoa with Marshmallow Calvin and Hobbes Snowman House of Horrors Cake(s)

For reference, see the comic at the top of the post.

...oh yeah.

Freshly butchered snowman.  And that sno-cone is actually filled with cake.

At the competition

That is one dead snowman

Mmm... delicious!

I kept telling everyone the head would be the best part (ideal frosting to cake ratio) but nobody would listen.  The fools.




  1. How cute!

  2. As much as I prefer pie to cake, I can make an exception when it comes to Calvin and Hobbes-themed cake. Especially invoking his demented snowmen.

  3. Too funny!
    newest follower from mbc-hope to get s follow back. :)



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