June 25, 2012

Reuniting My Family

My three girls
I am so pleased that Baby X is here- who from now on will be known as RH.

She's sweet and cuddly and beautiful, and very much beloved by her family.

Yes, I'll be posting the birth story.  That's coming soon.  But in the meantime, a little more photo spam.

DD and SI meet their baby sister:

When they walked in the door, I expected them to yell, "Mommy!" and run to me.
After all, I had missed THEM during the last few days.  They didn't even notice me-
they only had eyes for their baby sister.

She's funny!

Kisses from SI

Kisses from DD

DD is more in love with her little sister than I could possibly have hoped.

I mean- LOOK at that face.  :)

DD is the proudest big sister in the world.

She always wants to take care of her  baby sister.

...well, maybe SI is the proudest big sister,  She tells everybody about
how the baby has tiny fingers, and drinks milk, and has soft hair...

I guess that makes me the proudest mommy.  :)

I love how grouchy RH looks here.  Really, she's a very cheerful infant.

SI just can't get enough of that baby.

More on the baby, on the family, and on me coming up.

There is much to tell, and I will tell pretty much all.  Just not today.


  1. HUGE congrats again! LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos; the twins look so smitten. you all do, actually. so awesome. :)

  2. What a beautiful family! RH is so precious. Congratulations!

  3. congratulations to all 5 of you!! very, very happy for you.

  4. Such sweet photos! Congratulations!

  5. What a beautiful family you have! Your little girls are all so lovely and cute. You must be over the moon. Look forward to hearing how it all went for you!

  6. oh i must know what RH stands for! gorgeous intials :)



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