June 17, 2012

Sunday Blogaround - 6.17.2012

Welcome to the Father's Day edition of the Sunday Blogaround!

And what better way to celebrate than featuring a few of my favorite blogging daddies?

"Summer Has Officially Started" - sisters
In case you're not familiar with this daddy's blog- go check out his ENTIRE ARCHIVES.  Seriously, some of the best photography of anyone's kids you'll ever see.  This dude is seriously clever.

"Fishing = Happy" - EduDad
EduDad writes about his own strained relationship with his father, and learning to find common ground.  As always, short and sweet... very, very sweet.

"For A Bunch of X Chromosomes, There Sure Are A Lot of 'Why's'" - The Kopp Girls
Kyle remains one of my favorite bloggers.  His twin girls are the same age as mine, and his singleton daughter is over six months old now, I believe!  And I *love* reading about how solicitous of her the twins are, and all about the things his twins do... because it's kind of a mirror into my own life, with every single detail changed.  And this post?  Yup.  Sounds like many of my days.

"Small Bump" - The Daddy Dialogues
Brandon does this awesome thing where he introduces his readers to new music and movies and whatnot.  It's just another way he manages to prove on a regular basis that he's cooler than me.  That said, this whole post is going to make you cry.  You know, unless you have no heart.

"Sometimes" - Dad of the Decade
This post is more than a week old, but you should still read it.  It's another vignette in the story of DotD first year with his daughter, who you should know is now a remarkable ten year old.  Knowing that makes a lot of his posts bearable.  What he has gone through, though, should humble and horrify any parent.  He has done it with remarkable strength, and is reliving it now with a remarkable gift for telling a story.

A(n) (un)Common Family

...there is one other post I'd like to share.  It has nothing to do with dads or fatherhood, but I thought it was beautiful and profound and important.  And so here it is.  It's not what you would think from the title.

"How Much Independence is the Right Amount of Independence for Kids?" - A(n) (Un)Common Family

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