September 16, 2012

Sunday Blogaround 9.16.12

Hello, lovely readers!  Welcome to another edition of the blogaround!

It was a very, VERY interesting week on the blogaround.  September 11th came and went, people experimented with food, and somebody interviewed me.  That, and my children started preschool.  It's a week that I will never forget.  And here are a lot of posts from when it all happened.


"Lea of Becoming SuperMommy" - Multiples... and More!
What?  You didn't see my interview over at Multiples... and More!?  Well here's another chance.  Vamoose!

"The Other Side of Joe Biden" - TPM Editor's Blog
I did know this about Joe Biden, but it is easy to forget.  I have lived in fear of walking in Joe Biden's shoes, in a manner of speaking.  I have lived in fear of leaving M on his own, without me.  And the TPM Editor is right... read his 9/11 speech, and read between the lines.  He's not simply paying lip service to mourners.  He is genuinely with them.

"Applegeddon or Why There Isn't Enough Wine In The World To Deal With Pinterest" - Parentwin
I laughed my ass off at this.  Seriously.  The descriptions of attempt #1 still have me laughing.

"I Love Little Girls" - The Kopp Girls
Once again, Kyle hits the nail on the head.  Yeah, three girls is going to be fairly hellish once they're all teenagers- I know that from the experience of being one of FOUR teenage girls living in the house- but right now?  Mostly?  Easy peasy.  :)

"I Don't Love Breastfeeding" - The Leaky Boob
Again and again, people find ways of tearing each other down over simple disagreements.  In this case, it wasn't even whether or not "breast is best," is was about whether or not you LOVE breastfeeding.  I don't love breastfeeding, most of the time.  Nursing isn't just amazing or horrible.  It's just a thing.  I totally relate to this post.

"My Friends Are Brilliant" - Honest and Truly
Yes.  They are.  I am definitely setting this up with my own friends.

"A Handmade Costume at The Train to Crazy" - You & Mie
I LOVE this costume!  What a sweet and clever idea!

"Trashy Female Empowerment Song: My Humps" - Serpentine
I. love. this.  I hate that song, man do I hate it.  Always have.  But now?  Now I can look at it as the empowering female anthem that it truly is.  No wonder Alanis covered it.

"Potty at Midnight" - The Kopp Girls
What?  Two Kopp Girls posts?  Yeah.  Two of them.

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