September 23, 2012

Sunday Blogaround 9.23.12

Hello, lovely readers!  And welcome to another edition of the blogaround!



<b><a href="PYHO- He Can't Be Four" - Sanity's Overrated
Boy do I know this feeling.  In one week and one day, my little ones will be three years old.  It's good to know that in another year they'll still be my little monkeys.  I'll be holding my breath for when Amber's baby turns five.

"Fractured Feelings" - Dear Vincent
I feel for this mama.  She's bottle feeding her baby, and experiencing all of these feelings of judgement... and they're pretty much all from herself.  And I really relate to that. No matter how much she tells herself, truthfully, that she is doing the right thing, those feelings don't just go away.  Please go give her a little love and support.

"Boiling Frog Syndrome" - The Lucky Mom
I think this pretty well sums up what I've been feeling lately.  That said, her #7 is something I've really got to start taking to heart.  It's been too long since I did any of that.

"Ten" - 649.133
What a wonderful sounding couple.  What a fabulous sounding day.  What a great story.

BWS tips button"The Kissing Bandit" - The Writer Revived
This is so freakin' adorable.  I love every word of it.  But the last bit?  Prepare to die of cute.

"On the Double Consciousness of American Muslims" - Love... explained
One Muslim American talks about how being American and Muslim aren't mutually exclusive, and gives her response to the cycle of Anti-Americanism and Anti-Islam hate that's been circling our globe in recent weeks.

"Why I Won't Apologize for Blogging About My Family" - toddler times
This pretty much sums up everything.  Each time I think about stopping, about my privacy or my childrens'... I remember my own advice.  "Whatever makes you a happier, saner person, IS good parenting."  And blogging keeps me sane.  So...

"Soaking In Every Bit Of It" - Finally Mom
This is just lovely.  It is so much of what is good about parenting, about your children growing but still being your children.  I just loved it.

Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom"Love Grows" - Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom
It's hard to explain, but it's true.  Even if you are in love at first sight, it's an odd kind of love.  At least, in my experience.  Because it's loving somebody you've never seen before.  How do you connect that feeling to this person?

"Oh Dammit!" - The Kopp Girls
I have also had the experience of being in a car accident with the kids in the car.  Our car was totaled- and it was a one car accident.  I think Kyle handled it with incredible grace and kindness.  Except maybe for the language.  ;)

"Held" - Dad of the Decade
I'm so glad that Ben is off of his summer hiatus, and back to writing the tale of his daughter.  As always, knowing that she's a remarkable young lady helps get through these stories.  Which makes it all the more heartbreaking to be aware of the doubt that threads through each narrative.  Beautiful and heartbreaking.  Read it.

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