October 14, 2012

Sunday Blogaround - 10.14.2012

Hello, lovely readers!  And welcome to yet another blogaround!

"Can Someone Pass the WHINE?" - The Poop Whisperer
Let me put it this way- I HATE WHINING.  And DD?  She is a freakin' whiner.  I deal with it by telling her that whining isn't "talking," and that people can't understand her if she whines.  And then I basically feign deafness until she makes the effort to calm down and speak normally.  But it IS yet another reason why Caillou is banned from our house.

"Rec Boating; Ur Doin' It Wrong" - Antarctica. Srsly
I have this friend who lives the sort of life that would make a pretty awesome book, if not a killer movie montage.  After spending the last few years on an island paradise, scuba diving and photographing turtles, or pulling pranks that involve hooking up a car horn to his boss's chair, he has returned to the land he loves... Antarctica.  Seriously.  And he's having an absurdly good time.

"Today I failed... but" - Sorry Kid, Your Mom Doesn't Play Well With Others
I relate so hard to this whole post.  You just have those days, those weeks, those months... but I think I need to take a deep breath, and make the last sentence my mantra for a while.

"The Great Masterpiece" - Rediscovering Our Family
Right now, this is a particularly touchy subject for me.  Which makes it all the better that I can laugh my ass off at somebody else's misfortune.

"The Power of Two" - Short Fat Dictator
More of the same.  Still good to laugh at somebody else's home disasters.  In this case, a little closer to home with the amazing destructive power that your children working in tandem possess.

Fine and Fair"LGBTQ Pride: Child-Friendly and Age Appropriate?" - Fine and Fair
As you probably know by now, I have virtually no hesitations when it comes to bringing your children- even small children- to protests, marches, and the like.  The main reason I have yet to bring my kids to Chicago's Pride festival is that I wasn't sure I could trust them not to run off and get lost in a crowd- sort of a nightmare of mine.  But this coming summer?  I'm all about it.

"The Smoking Gun" - Married With Toddlers
I also used to smoke, so what am I going to say to my kids?  I've always said I'm going to be honest about everything, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens in the moment.  I don't blame this mom for her choices.  After all, what would you do?

"This Pink?  I'd rather raise a stink." - Double X Science
I'm totally on board with this post.  It drives me crazy when all this pink crap hits the shelves- and it's mostly just crap- that people buy believing that they're actually helping somebody.  Well, sometimes they are.  But frequently?  They're not.  If you want to help, educate yourself.  Educate somebody else. Don't just slap a pink ribbon on something and call yourself a champion.

"A Race of Our Own" - The Spin Cycle
I. love. this. post.  I don't compete in athletic events.  I never have.  I sincerely doubt I ever will. despite my short lived desire to become a marathoner.  Who knows, maybe someday I'll still do that.  But for the foreseeable future?  Not I.  But I hope someday I have moments like this with my kids.  Moments where we're locked in happy competition together.  Moments when we get to be friends.

"In Memory Of Matthew Shephard" - That Blog Is So Takei
As you may or may not know, George Takei has pretty much taken over the internet.  And I'm glad.  I'm so glad that the person who has more and more come to define what can and cannot be done with social media is somebody like George Takei.  A mainstream American, but also part of several minority groups.  A relatively conservative old man, but a relatively conservative old man who is also Asian and gay.  I like to think that George Takei doesn't just represent the bulk of the internet, but the bulk of American citizens.  And this is what he had to say on National Coming Out Day.

Also, as recently I've been including one non-blog a week, here is this week's selection:

"All Hallows Read" 
When I was a kid, my mom would have two baskets for trick-or-treaters.  One of "treats." little candy bars, and one of "tricks."  The "tricks" were frequently tiny books of fake tattoos, stickers, or other itsy bitsy toys.  But some years?  They were BOOKS.  Really, really cheap paperbacks of The Devil's Dictionary, by Ambrose Bierce, or Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.  They were a remarkably big hit.  You'd be amazed how many kids when presented with the choice between a book of ghost stories and a box of Milk Duds will choose the book.  So I think this is a great idea that Neil Gaiman has here.  And I think that if I'm ever in the situation where kids actually come to my house to trick-or-treat, I'll be giving them books, too.

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