April 7, 2013

Sunday Blogaround - 4.7.13

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the Blogaround!
I swear, I'll make a new image including RH soon. And it will be better than this.

It's been a fun week in the blogosphere! Passover, Easter, April Fool's, and Autism Awareness month all together. Not to mention the fact that the internet is just full of awesome and creative people. While every week is a good week in the blogosphere, this week was a spectacular week. Maybe it's spring, maybe it's the Wolverines going to the championship game... who knows. Whatever it is, it's working for you, internet. ;)


The Family Pants
"Winter Becomes Spring" - The Family Pants
I know, I've been pimping the Pants blog for several weeks running. I can't help it, it's been that good. This is a wonderful piece, about life and love and tradition... I cried a lot. But it was pretty much all happy tears. (Hey Mama Pants! I think your button grabber thing is busted?)

"Drawing the Impossible? Fully Dressed Superheroines" - GeekNative
My daughters have recently discovered superheroes. They LOVE Superman and Spiderman, and occasionally they'll run around the house with their capes (dresses or frogs pulled over their shoulders) and tell me they're heroes. Only sometimes, DD will say, "I'm a GIRL Superman!" Of course I haven't introduced them to Supergirl. Why would I? The bikini clad superheroines are not what I want my kids dressing as, no matter how heroic they may be. If only the DC and Marvel artists would take some of these ideas to heart. My favorite part? The conspicuous absence of high heels. Really, who can fight crime in eight inch stilettos?

"The Derby Brows" - The Spin Cycle
This post really broke my heart. First, because I felt so hard for DHM as a child- the victim of taunts and teases, learning to hate herself for reasons that used to give her a sense of self identity. I went through that too. But the thing that broke my heart the most was how obvious the scars still are. Rather than embrace the Derby Brows, instead she's helping her daughter to stop those taunts before they start, helping to modify her appearance. I understand it, but it makes me sad. I wonder what I'll do for DD when she gets older, when the Borenstein hair might become a social threat. I hope I'll teach her to love it. I know that, when the time comes, I might simply teach her to straighten it. I just hope she learns to love herself regardless of what the popular style of the moment might be.

"Father Who Beat Daughters With Cable Wire for Twerking Should Be Charged  With Child Abuse" - My Brown Baby
That should be awfully self evident. But it's really the conversation described in the post that is worth the read- really, why do we have these different visceral reactions to child abuse and spousal abuse?

"No Right Way- Sonnets of the Tired Mom" - The Leaky Boob

"John Hamm Needs to Stop Dressing Like a Total Slut" - Thought Catalog
First of all, John Hamm? Definitely on my hit-it list. And second of all, that kind of talk? It's really not okay. This is an EXCELLENT satire piece, treating the description of Mr. Hamm and his body the way the media, completely un-ironically, treats women constantly.

"Navigating Masculinity as a Black Transman: "I Will Never Straighten Out My Wrist." - Everyday Feminism
This is a fascinating read. So many aspects of navigating the incredibly biased and judgmental society we live in. Racial biases and expectations, gender norms, the specific cultures of non-normative social groups, violence and love... Definitely worth reading.

The Mommy Chronicles"The One About the Louboutins" - The Mommy Chronicles
If there is anyone on earth who can understand the desire to literally shop off half your foot ala original Cinderella stepsisters in order to cram their dogs into high fashion footwear, it's me. You may recall just earlier this week I had issues regarding my dedication to my footwear. Still, had I been in her $900 shoes? I would probably still be slicing off toes.

"My Miss You" - Happiness Cubed
A post for Autism Awareness month. I know so many people on the spectrum, and I know how many of them oppose a month for awareness- how they would rather just be treated like everybody else. Then, there are those who truly appreciate it, who feel it incumbent upon them to combat fear. Regardless of how you feel about Autism Awareness, this is the sort of story that helps humanize the story- both from the side of an autistic child, and that child's mother.

"Baby Bullies or Lessons on Friendship" - Practical Parenting
I agree with the basic premise, that a lot of poor pre-school behavior is just plain pre-school behavior. Better yet, she offers real and practical solutions. So if your preschooler is lashing out against their peers, here's a toolkit you can refer to in order to keep a real problem from forming.

"Externalities" - xkcd
Okay, I know, it's not a blog post. It's the BEST WEB COMIC EVAR. Now that that's out of the way, it was also the best April Fool's prank I saw, and includes shout-outs that both my alma mater and my dad's alma mater won. Awesome. Bonus? More that $44K raised for WikiMedia. Go xkcd!

Down Wit Dat"Dream" - Down Wit DAT
An eloquent and impassioned plea for recognizing the civil and human rights of people with DS on the anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. If you don't know about how people with Down Syndrom are treated, and what people get away with doing to them, you MUST read this.

"No Basketball For You" - The Hossman Chronicles
Daddy Hoss is a SAHD, caring for Little Hoss, Bubba Hoss, and now Bacon Hoss. And, sorry to say, he is re-learning the skills of coping with a colicky baby during March Madness. My heart goes out to him.

"I Want to Make a Difference" - Hope Whispers
Our last stop on the blogaround today is Kim, writing about organ donation. It's all there- reasons that you should register, reasons you should donate blood, and places to go online to get started. This is an issue particularly dear to Kim, who recently reached the three year mark on the wait list for a liver transplant. How easy is it? Read up on my own adventures here, here, and here.

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  1. Lea! Thank you so much for sharing this post <3 All of the recent posts you've shared I am thankful for but this post is special top me and it made me smile that it touched your heart. Thank you Thank you!!

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