June 30, 2013

Sunday Blogaround - 6.30.13

Hello, lovely readers! And welcome to another edition of the blogaround!

Today, my brood and I are at Chicago's 44th Annual Pride Parade. As you can imagine, what with recent developments in the national news, it's kind of a big deal. This week, the girls and I made rainbow t-shirts for them to wear. They've never been to a Pride Parade. When we're in the middle of nowhere next week for Independence Day, they'll probably find whatever shenanigans the resort town on the lake produce to be... a tad underwhelming. We'll see.

On to the blogaround!

Suburban Rebel Mom"Pretty Little Potty Mouth" - Suburban Rebel Mom
I swear like a sailor. It took a lot of blushing and nervous "ums" before I really got good at it, and let me fucking tell you, I can goddam swear like I motherfucking badass. That said, I'm not looking forward to this in my house...

"An Open Letter to Paula Deen" - Afroculinaria
Wow. What a different perspective, a fascinating twist. Personally, I think this guy gives Paula Deen a little too much of the benefit of the doubt, especially considering the way she's come out to defend herself against "evil people," but wow. Just... wow.

"it was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini, that she wore for the first time today" - When Did I Get Like This?
This mom's daughter begins to deal with issues around her body. Specifically, how she looks in her two piece bathing suit. It's the last two lines in particular that are a dagger through your heart.

"When is Rape Okay?" - the rabbit and fox united
Obviously, the answer is NEVER. But that's not what this survey of high school students found. So if you want to get angry, read this. And then, if you want to get even angrier, read this as well.

Next Life No Kids"What if someone stole your words?" - Next Life, NO Kids
So... this post is sort of about me. And that is a little strange. But it's also unbelievably kind. This woman has made a sort of crusade over defending me. And I've never met her in my life. And that? That is what makes the blogosphere wonderful. We're all in this together, be it motherhood or writing or dealing with mental illness.. somehow, we're a team. And that means something.

"The Cuba Quarantine" - The Lively Morgue
If you're not familiar with this tumblr, you should be. Once upon a time, pictures were taken with film, printed on paper, and then painstakingly reproduced places like the New York Times. It's very technical. Unlike today, where there are photo-streams for every major story, most of the pictures never saw the light of day. They had notes scribbled on the back, and disappeared. The Lively Morgue is a project of the Times, they publish old photographs from the news as well as the notes on the back. Some of these photos are incredible. And with just a single editor's change of heart some, like this one, could have been the visual memory the country kept of major events.

"A Blessing On Your Head" - Our Simple Lives
So, I follow this blog because its author is an AMAZING photographer, with a seemingly unending list of things to take wonderful photographs of. Gorgeous kids, antiquing hobby, stunning neighborhood, interesting events... Aside from that, though, he's a gay minority dad of four adopted children, so his understated celebration at the SCOTUS rulings is... well... marvelous.

"The Zombie Date" - Something Clever 2.0
I just want to be this person's friend so badly. We could do the Thriller dance together. I can bring my own zombie costume!! TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!

"Ann Arbor's flood-causing storms summarized in 10 short videos" - AnnArbor.com
My hometown is flooded. I mean, for real flooded. And the residents are dealing with it in typical Ann Arbor style, as shown by the last three videos. THIS is what Vine was made for.

"Same Mom But Different" - End The Mommy Wars
I love this. I often lament about how differently I treat my kids. And I don't just mean RH versus the twins, I mean DD and SI versus each other. They were born within five minutes of each other, and yet... I am not the same mom to each of them. And that is okay.

"I Went Out To Find A Friend" - Single Dad Laughing
Okay, first of all- kudos on the amazing Hyperbole and a Half homage here. Wow. I laughed my ass off at the illustrations alone. And then I got to thinking... yeah, I'm that guy, too. When I'm all bummed out I turn into a veritable black hole of self involvement. Thanks for the reminder to be that OTHER guy instead.

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