December 11, 2013

The Final Countdown

Sick DD says, "Please vote for my mommy."

Dear friends...

This is probably the week that I'm going to be eliminated from Blogger Idol. You see, this week's assignment was to write about "a lesson you learned in high school."

Well, I only went to high school for fifteen months, and it was as non-traditional as high schools get. It didn't have a cafeteria, or a gym, and half my classes were taught by brilliant lunatics who handed over total control of the class.

So unless I get the most votes this week, it's pretty clear I'm going to be eliminated.

I need all of you to get your clicking fingers ready. Get your wifi enabled. Go hop around coffee shops with your smart phones.

I need your votes, people.

I need your votes more than ever before. Because this is the second to last week. If I make it through to next week, I'm in the finals. Then it's not just about the judges, and it's not just about the popular vote... then it's also down to the other contestants. The writers who have come to know me as a writer. And then it's over.

And I want to be in it, people. I want to be in it so bad it hurts.

What's more, you won't be hearing about the competition much from me tomorrow. I'm organizing a much more important blogging event. Yes, more important than this silly competition that I care so much about. But there WILL be a link over to the right side of the screen for you to click and vote for me tomorrow, if you can't vote for me now. Maybe vote for me both days! The poll is open until midnight on Thursday.

Thursday, tomorrow, one week after Chris's murder, I'm pulling together a day of action for the mommy blogosphere. To raise awareness to the realities of domestic violence, and to help raise funds to care for Chris' children, now that they've lost their mother and older brother.

There will be more about it later, I promise. But right now, I need you click over and vote for me.

Vote for me like crazy. Tell your friends. Ask your parents. Assign it to your students as homework. I don't care how you do it- just push me over the edge. Keep me in it.

Thank you so, so much.

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