June 16, 2014

How to Humiliate The Most Important Person In Your Life, or, Happy Father's Day

I melt.
My husband is a committed father, a loving husband, and I'd wager a pretty decent son. He is everything I ever wanted in a partner, even when I didn't know I wanted it.

He is my everything, as far as humans are concerned, and he inspires me constantly to be the best version of myself.

That said, one of my favorite of his many endearing qualities is how willing he is to be made to look silly.

That's why when I found this extra awesome sale in April- yes, April- I knew I had located a perfect Father's Day gift.

It tread that line between hilariously wonderful and mortifyingly horrific.

Like I said, perfect.

And so the children and I ambushed M before he could get dressed, to give him a Father's Day present.

The blurry look on his face clearly says, "W.T.F."
His reaction was all I could have hoped for. Shock and hilarity, followed by dread at the revelation that all his children now had identical t-shirts. And all of them were thrilled to put them on, just like Daddy's!, to go out in public for the entire day. (I confess, I neglected to include myself in the purchase of family magical unicorn tees. Mommy's prerogative.)

My unicorn family
At first he was a little self conscious. I can't blame him. After all, he was a six and a half foot tall adult man wearing a purple magical unicorn t-shirt.

But embodying the very qualities I've always loved about him, he quickly embraced his role as a dedicated father and consummate joker.

Thank you, M, for teaching our children yet another way to postpone eating
As we do every year, we went on an outing for Father's Day- this year to The Field Museum. M is a bit obsessed with the Columbian Exposition of 1893, and the girls have caught a bit of his fervor. After all, we live practically on the grounds of the original fair, so the kids are familiar with a few important World Fair landmarks. They were utterly rapt when presented with an entire animated display of the Spirit of the Republic- known 'round these parts as "Big Mary."

He's indoctrinating his children with a lifelong love of all things Chicago
We had a spectacular day, M getting more and more confident that he was completely rocking the unicorn tee- as stranger after stranger grinned at him and his kids, wishing them, "Happy Father's Day!"

So many smiles
As for me, I can't help myself. There might be no more knee-weakening sight than the handsome rogue you married, confidently striding among a sea of neo-ravers on their way to SAMF with Skrillex blaring through the air, displaying a watercolor-y, rainbowed, castle bound unicorn across his chest.

He is much beloved
I'd marry that man over again every couple of months, if we could afford the parties.

Happy Father's Day, M.


  1. I love this! My husband doesn't get ruffled very easily either (last year I got him a "Proud Cloth Diapering Dad" tee shirt, which he actually wears on occasion); every so often I try my darndest to ruffle his feathers (never works). It looks as though your husband enjoyed a wonderful Father's Day with his girls!

    1. I think he did! I'm sure this will be a day of happy memories for all of them. :)
      And where did you get that shirt?! I'd love to find one like that for M!

  2. What an awesome dad! They all look adorable.

    1. Next year, maybe a t-shirt with a picture of all of them wearing their matching t-shirts. Whaddaya think? ;)

  3. Sounds like here. At Easter walmart had Easter baskets with tutus on them and my husband and son were wearing them as hats through the store. I have pictures lol. Its never dull here with things like that going on.

  4. That is some gold star dadding! :)



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