December 26, 2014

The SuperMommy Family Annual Letter

Hello and Happy Holidays, dear friends and family,

Sometimes it's hard to believe how much anyone can grow in just a year. 2014 brought so many changes and so much joy to our family, it's flown by before we even knew what hit us.

SI, age five, is reading at a third grade level. I never get over my shock at her working vocabulary, although sometimes I do wish she would stop prompting complicated conversations by reading aloud from billboards on the freeway advertising Adult Superstores. She has spent much of the last year developing a sarcastic streak, for which Mike is happy to take credit. She loves birds, her new favorite superhero is Falcon (and his pet falcon, Redwing), and asks weekly if we can get a pet macaw. The answer is no, but we are looking forward to showering her in stuffed birds this holiday season.

DD, also age five, has decided she wants to catch up to SI when it comes to reading, and I couldn't be happier. All of us read the “Catwings” books together, and it seemed that was all the prompting DD needed. Cats? Flying? She was hooked, and now she's happy to curl up in bed with a book and spend a few hours in another world. When she's not reading, DD nurtures her budding artistic talent. She loves to draw, paint, anything that involves putting color onto something else. I am looking forward to the day in the near future when I invite her to work with me in the studio on canvas.

RH, age two, is the most stubborn and determined child I've ever met. Yet, she has one of the sweetest dispositions. She is unfailingly polite, and asks permission for everything from a cup of water to, “Can I look at your hairbrush?” Watching her personality bloom has been a delight, and she makes us laugh not daily, but hourly, with her cheerful smile and absurd jokes. We decided to keep her in physical therapy and swim lessons instead of preschool this year, and she has thrived, charming all in her path. We can't wait to see what incredible changes she'll make when she starts preschool next fall.

M spent much of the summer preparing for his licensing exam, and sat sixteen hours of tests this October- on the same day as one of his best friend's wedding! We don't yet know the results, aside from proving once again what a brilliant and capable guy he is. His health remains stable, for which we are profoundly grateful.

As for me, I recently accepted representation from the Dee Mura Literary Agency, and look forward to turning my manuscript into an honest-to-goodness book. I've also started speaking publicly more frequently, and I'm looking forward to what the new year will bring on both fronts.

We have big plans for 2015, even if they don't include a pet parrot. And we are excited to begin this next year of adventuring.

We wish you the happiest of New Years, filled with peace and joy and love. We wish you good health, the warmth of friendship, and comfort of family through this winter, and into the next. We are grateful to have all of you in our lives, however distant, and we hope this year brings us many happy opportunities to be together.

With all our love,
The SuperMommy Family

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