August 4, 2011

Vacation vacation vacation... poo

Tonight, I have my final final of the semester.

I am, of course, woefully unprepared.  I am also, of course, scared silly of this test.  That said, I cannot WAIT to be finished.

I'm celebrating my (very temporary) break from my education by finally putting all the effort into actually potty training the grublings.

They've happily been chugging down lemonade all day.

And neither one of them has peed.

I think they're messing with me.

I promise you all many long, thoughtful, funny, and occasionally photo filled posts over the next few weeks.  I have SO much to write about, it's wonderful!

So in the meantime, please enjoy this picture we took at M's family reunion last weekend.  Yes, in the midst of finals.  Because that's how we roll.
Aunt Engineer, DD, Grandma, Grandpa, SI, me, M

Update: The three minutes I took to write this blog post?  They both picked those three minutes to pee.  I should have known...

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