March 23, 2012

Spreading My Social Media Wings

Hello, lovely readers!

I've finally done it- I've created a Google+ page for Becoming SuperMommy!  Right now it's awfully lonely over there.  But the best way to get it up and running is to get you over there to show some love!

Hopefully I'll be seeing all of you in Google+ soon!


I'm all over the place!
Also- I'm guest posting today!

Check out my post at When Robots Reproduce!

See you there!


  1. I'm your newest follower!


  2. @Daisy TrendyMomReviews Thank you so much! I'm heading over to check you out now. :)

  3. And now there are 4!!! I found you from the Favorite Blogs Hop! :-)

  4. Just connected on Google + and your blog! Do you have twitter??

  5. You’re on the right track, Supermommy! Google+ is one of the trending social media tool early days. It has “Google ripples features”, which allows you to see how your post spread in social network. It would be an effective way to promote your business, if you do have, while winning friends. It’s like hitting two birds using one stone.

    Staci Burruel



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