April 29, 2012

Sunday Blogaround 4.29.12

It's that time again!  Best blog posts of the week!

Suburban Rebel Mom"Bip!" - Suburban Rebel Mom
This one had me laughing my ass off.  I can totally picture M in his epic battle to get something just out of reach- particularly as so much of his self identity is defined by his absurd height.  ;)

"Help!  I'm Pregnant!" - The Happy Hippie Homemaker
Yup.  I'm with her 100%.

"Because I Said So, That's Why" - Momaiku
This blogger writes a haiku a day about parenting teenagers.  This one cracked me up so hard that I had to forego some of her other fabulous posts this week to bring you this one instead.

"When Wilbur Met Henry" - Daddy Knows Less
It's never too early to teach your children about love, acceptance, tolerance, and diversity.  Well done to DKL for this gem.

"Bros for Life, Bro" - Preposterous Pace
Another one that cracked me up, start to finish.  I freakin' hate college students.  And this is hilarious.

"Fatkini 2012" - GABIFRESH
I think we could all use a dose of this kind of self confidence.  I'm not saying that I'm going to rock the Fatkini... but I'm definitely tempted.  She looks awesome. :)

BWS tips button"Defining Moments: Lea" - The Mom Pledge Blog
I know, it's an interview with me.  But it's about my birth experience with DD and SI, and I'm very glad to share it.

"And There Will I Keep You Forever" - Fall of James
I think every parent has had this moment of reflection and awe.

"Oh... is for Opera: A Parent/Teacher Guide" - Departing the Text
I love this.  I mean, I love opera, but this is a wonderful explanation of why it's good for children, how to introduce it to children, and what operas might be the best for different age groups.  Lotsa love to Looney Tunes in here.

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  1. Thank you so much for link! So glad you liked the post. Quite an honor. Hope your readers enjoy too.



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