June 7, 2012

Back to the Botanic Gardens

Getting ready for another adventure
Yesterday, we had a lovely trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  This time, with an old friend of Poppa's and her daughter.  The girls were incredibly taken with the older girl (of course!), and everybody had a fantastic time.

And now?

Photo spam!

Fountains, probably the most exciting thing ever done with water.

Bonsai- also known as, Toddler Sized.

Running around the Rose Garden

More fountains!

Roses everywhere!
Chasing butterflies!

Gargoyle in the English Walled Garden

Rolling down a hill

I didn't remember that the garden was filled with stairs...

Examining spiders in the Japanese Garden

My monkeys

Another fountain?!?!  No way!!!!

Seriously exhausted toddlers.

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