June 8, 2012

Hopefully Spinning Babies

Super Pregnant Becoming SuperMommy, caught
photographing my kids at the Chicago Botanic Gardens
Yup, still pregnant.

I had really thought that Thursday might be the day.  I had my last class EVER and through the whole thing, Baby X was going nuts.  Tons of little contractions, so much activity, and new pressure.

I was thrilled to head to my OB's office and find out if things had advanced.  If I was almost done.


As it turns out, all those sensations?  Those were Baby X rapidly flipping herself totally Frank breech and then partially engaging.

If you don't know what that means, in plain English- she crammed her butt into my pelvis and got it stuck there.

My OB wanted to schedule a c-section as soon as he saw the situation, but I talked him out of it.


Because I am *no closer* to going into labor, and I figured, if she could flip herself around in a single morning, why couldn't she flip herself back out over a weekend?

My OB, as odd as he is, agreed.  And how I have basically until Tuesday to flip this baby.

This is what having contractions over dinner looks like.
We started with moxabustion last night.  It worked.  I can't tell you how odd the feeling is of a baby disengaging itself from your pelvis, but it's pretty weird.

Oddly comfortable, once the movement is through though.

She's been moving like mad ever since.

Hasn't put her head down, not yet, but at least she's just floating again.

More moxabustion tonight, along with the host of other tricks.

DD is expressing my angst

Pushing her around through the walls of my abdomen,

Flashlights and music.

Hot pad on my pelvis and ice under my boobs.

...you get the idea.

If it works, if she puts her goofy little head down and crams it in there, I suppose I'll just keep being pregnant until I finally go into labor.

If not?

I guess I'm having a c-section next week.

I'm trying to make peace with the whole repeat cesarian thing.  It's not what I want.  But frankly, pushing a breech baby out with a previous c-section isn't what I want either.

See how far away I am?  that's closer than Baby X
right about now.
So the pregnancy continues.  And continues.  And continues.

In the continued effort to do both what is likely to get her to put her damn head down and engage, and my theory that if I keep scheduling fun things I'll have to miss one, we are doing more fun things.

The Museum of Science and Industry.

Margie's Candies.

The Field Museum.

Wish me luck this weekend, lovely readers.

I'm probably going to need it.

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