July 15, 2012

Sunday Blogaround 7.15.2012

Hello, and welcome to the return of the Blogaround!

As you know, the last few weeks didn't happen because... well... when your days exist in the realm of three hour units that revolve around breastfeeding, the days cease to have meaning.  I only knew it was a weekend if M was around during some chunk of daylight.  And even then, I've been kind of oblivious.

New babies are exhausting.  But nice.  :)

And now...

"What We're Watching: Brave" - Daddy Knows Less
We took the girls to see Brave- their first Big Movie!- on the Fourth of July.  It was wonderful, and I've been really eager to write to you about it... but... as I mentioned above...  I'm sure I'll get there.  In the meantime, DKL does a great job of giving you the deets without any spoilers.

"What To Expect When Grocery Shopping With A Spirited Child" - 649.133
Yup.  It's often just like that.  And ditto on #9.

"Braaaaains!" - Fall of James
Seriously.  Cutest little undead monster ever.

"Old Dogs and Overachievers" - The Spin Cycle
It is my goal to be one of those moms someday.  Maybe.  I dunno.  At any rate, it's a freakin' brilliant idea for a party, sounds super fun, and holy crap am I impressed by those strawberry shots.  And suddenly very thirsty.  And desirous of being drunk.

"See the Pretty Girl in the Mirror There" - Our Simple Lives...
This dad relates beauty tips from his only daughter.  Really, it's one of the sweetest father-to-daughter love letters I've ever read.

"Breastfeeding moms deserve privacy, even in a crowd" - Los Angeles Times
I know, not really a blog post.  But a very good point, and not exactly news.  But totally relevant for those of us with breasts, those of us who nurse babies, and those of us who must venture out in public.  Plus, it comes with a fabulous little comic.

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  1. Ha! I'm glad you agree. I almost had a heart attack about three different times watching Bella walk down the aisle, running her hand along the wine bottles. I very nearly bought one myself to help recover at home.



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