July 11, 2012

There can be only one...

Can you tell how much attitude that child has?
The last week has been very difficult around here.

No, not because it's our third week with little RH.  It's because SI has become... kind of terrible.

I heard a lot of rumors that "three is worse than two," that two year old tantrums have nothing on three year old tantrums.

Oh, how true it is.

I'm not sure exactly what caused it... it might have been the horrific heat, it might have been the sudden addition of a baby sister, and it might be the constant presence of grandparents who desperately don't want to discipline my kids...

SI is in rare form.  She has reached a level of extreme and sophistication in her tantrum throwing that I have never before seen.

And frankly...

Her tantrums have had some incredibly hilarious outtakes.

For example, Grandma went in to get her up from her nap.  I would have done it, but I was attached to a boob lamprey.  The story of my life, lately.

At any rate, Grandma went in there, and SI freaked her geek out.  After a few moments of this, Grandma said,

"Boy, you're crabby, aren't you?"

SI was livid.

"I not crabby!  I SI!  Crabby in the little mermaid!"

...fair point.


  1. And someday, as a joke, you can get her a little stuffed Sebastian Crab to remember the occasion. :D

  2. The heat is making everyone crazy crabby. This made me snort: "freaked her geek out." :) Ellen

  3. Haha, well at least you're getting a few laughs out of it!

  4. THat picture is hilarious!!!

  5. Three's beat Two's, for sure. Then they pull a line like that "crabby" bit and make us like them again.

  6. Loooool! Well you gotta give it to her she is one smart cookie! Love it!



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