October 16, 2013

A Note on Today's Blogger Idol Post

Two people, in love, a long time ago
This week's Blogger Idol prompt was to write about doing something we didn't want to do.

I've got to be honest- if I don't want to do it, chances are, I'm not GOING to do it.

But there was one thing that really stuck out to me.

It's a small piece, barely over 700 words, and it covers a few moments in time that I actually decided to leave out of my book.

Writing this was easy. It was so simple to just slide back into my own skin, to relive those seconds. There's something about trauma that turns memories into something like an old set of shoes. It still fits. It's still molded to your shape.

Sometimes, when I walk through Northwestern Memorial Hospital, I feel like I can see the worn spaces in reality where I once stood, leaving traces of myself forever.

At the same time, writing this was painful. Because I remember each moment so vividly. Because despite the years passing, I can remember the ache of hopelessness and my manic determination to ignore it forever.

You can read the piece here: "Go home."

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