October 17, 2013

I Need You Here Tonight, Like the Ocean Needs the Waves

We love Kate
You may remember my friend Kate.

I wrote about her a while ago- but here's a quick refresher:

She had a bike accident. After a few days, she started getting migraines. Then she had a massive stroke that nearly killed her.

Forget it- don't read what I have to say about it. Watch these videos her husband made, just make sure you've got a box of kleenex.

She's had an amazing recovery. After months in the hospital and months of rehab, she's finally home.

For her birthday, her friends and family came together to do something amazing- to raise money to pay for her medical bills. Local businesses, old clients, friends, and family members donated dozens of baskets that they auctioned off to raise funds for the expenses.

The auction was at a massive "I  Heart Kate" celebration, at the same venue where Kate and Chris were married five years ago. A friend spent the evening screen printing "I Heart Kate" t-shirts to help raise even more funds.

There was live music, spectacular tamales, more brownies than you could shake a stick at, a photo booth, and something truly incredible. One of Chris and Kate's favorite bands- Mae- featured prominently at their wedding. They used Mae songs for both the ceremony and the reception.

Chris reached out to the Dave Elkins, the lead singer and guitarist, and Dave Elkins came all the way to Illinois to play at the event.

It was amazing.

That wasn't all, though. It was also Kate's birthday. And when you've spent half your summer with a trach in your throat, when it seemed for a while you might never see another birthday candle, blowing out more than thirty candles on one cake? That is one gigantic, incredible, inspirational victory.

It was an emotional evening.

That said, Kate's family isn't out of the red yet. There are so many bills, and they do keep coming. To help the family, you can buy I Heart Kate t-shirts- like so, modeled by Chris:

You can but the shirts here, and take home a little of the celebration.

Or- you can hit the donate button.

Thank you.


Also- voting for Blogger Idol is live! I've written a very personal piece about my own fears when I thought the person I loved might not come  Please vote for me!

Thank you again. :)

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