November 4, 2013

I Am Batman


It's not often that a child has a personal hero before they're two.

Or maybe it's commonplace, I guess I'm not sure. But I can tell you this- RH has one.

It's been the same person since she was seven months old.

No, it's not me. And it's not Daddy. And it's not a grandparent or even a sister. It's... well...

It's Batman.

She's obsessed. Completely, utterly, absolutely.

There is no such thing as "enough" Batman for this kid. The above video was taken a month ago. It took me an entire month to get it on camera, but there was something critical missing from it. And that was...

She barely walks, but she knows Batman when she sees him. And she sees him everywhere.

She spends a fair amount of time watching me use the internet, and every time she sees a picture of Sir Patrick Stewart, she points and shouts, "Batman!"

Every time she sees a superhero logo- Superman, The Green Lantern, Wonder Woman... she starts yelling. "Batman! Batman! Batman!"

And it doesn't stop there.

When she's playing with the food on her tray, she'll push it around until it resembled the Batman logo.

She sings the Batman song in the car.

And she sees the inner Batman in everyone.

I can't tell you how many of my days have been improved by having her look at me, her eyes full of wonder, before pointing at my face and calling me Batman.

On Halloween, DD was Batman, and gave RH the thrill of her life by waking her up from her nap in costume.

DD as Batman, RH as the Flash, and SI as Supergirl
But the thing that really gets me is how much it makes me feel like Batman. Like a hero- an invincible, benevolent force of nature. Not a tragic, Christian Bale Batman, but a campy, doo-gooder, daylight and spandex Adam West.

I believe it. I actually do. When she picks up a drawing Deborah made at school of an egg-shaped me, points at it and then my face and shouts "Batman!" with delight, I buy it.

I am Batman.

Okay. so maybe I'm wonder Woman.
So until Sir Patrick Stewart comes clean, you can shine the Bat Signal this way.

RH and I will be happy to answer it.

PS: In case you've stopped by from NaBloPoMo and you're noticing a missing post or two... I've got them scheduled on another blog, but didn't have the energy for TWO posts every day. I promise- there will be makeup posts!


  1. That is adorable. My almost 2 years old is a Spiderman fan, but not quite to that extent!!

  2. So cute! My 8yo son is obsessed with Spiderman. since he was about 2yo and would wear his costume for 2 days straight refusing to wear anything else. This year he asked for a new Spiderman costume again and I had to say no and made him a Zombie costume LOL
    Dropping by from NaBloPoMo :)



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