November 5, 2013

So Long, Toots!

I'm kind of a terror behind the wheel in any circumstance.
Today it's a Mix Tape free for all!

My Skewed ViewMy theme this week is songs for driving. I know, it sounds vague and lame... but I CARE about what I listen to in the car- particularly on long road trips. Coincidentally, it's pretty much the same music I like to listen to when I'm deep-cleaning the house.

So I'm just going to leave this here where you can enjoy it, hopefully get a lot of stuff done, or stay wide awake while you drive across the country.

Because my favorite mix is one that keeps you moving around.

I know it's supposed to be a short mix, but I can't help myself. :)


You might remember I'm a Porcupine Tree fan. I love this band. And I'd say about half of the mixes I ever make have a Porcupine Tree track on them. Sometimes "Shesmovedon," sometimes "Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled," sometimes "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here..." you get the idea. But this song showcases a lot of what I *love* about this band. The deep rock, the spectacular vocal harmonies, and the poetic lyricism.

Bonus? I was at this show. And it was amazing.

I live in Chicago, so I really can't help myself from thinking of this song every time I hop in the car after a family holiday. Because I'm headed back to Chicago, and it's been swell. I've danced to this song with my kids more times than I could possibly count. It's good, clean, 90's swing fun.

I had been a fan of Soundgarden, so I was skeptical at best when Chris Cornell went solo. And with song he nearly made me forget about the rest of the band. He has not disappointed since. I won't say I'm a bigger fan of his solo work than I am of, say, Black Hole Sun... but I will say that he's responsible for my favorite Bond theme of all time.

And I am more than passingly familiar with the entire Bond library.

And then, there's this little relic. You may or may not know this, but I'm a classically trained singer. Studied opera and everything. Oh yes. a day will come when I'll make you sit through an opera mix, and you WILL enjoy it. Just don't get me started on Charlotte Church. At any rate, this lady? Has PIPES. And I cannot and will not stop myself from putting down whatever I'm doing to rock out to this song whenever it comes on.

While we're on the subject of songs I MUST sing along with... this would be number one on the list. Actually, it's to the point when a radio station playing "Somebody to Love" makes me a legitimate hazard to anyone else on the road. Because I don't just sing, I ROCK it. And that means front-manning with my microphone steering wheel. And gesticulating wildly. Because I own the stage minivan.

Now let's take it back a notch. Not in terms of theatricality, just in terms of... well... how dangerous I am on the road while I'm singing along. Oh, how I love this song! And I'm not the only one. This is just one of DOZENS of marvelous fan made videos- stage productions, comics, cartoons... it's the sort of song that lends itself to nearly obsessive fan-love.

The first time my parents traveled to Spain for an extended visit, my mother brought me back this album. I'd never heard of Dover. You know what? They're AWESOME. First of all, I adore a sister/sister band. I mean, Breeders? Yes. Please. Second of all, Cristina has an AMAZING voice. Truly unique, and with such SPECTACULAR range and emotion.

You may know them from the one song that's included in a Rock Band music package. So if you play Rock Band, go forth. Rock along with Cristina.

Do you know Flogging Molly? They're one of those bands. You know them, even if you don't know you do. And now you know you know them.

Gogol Bordello. Once upon a time, the ultimate Hipster band. Obscure, dark, deep, funny but esoterically so, political, and unheard of. And then Elijah Wood went ahead and befriended the band (thank you Everything is Illuminated) and brought the band out of "too cool for you to know" obscurity. Much to the chagrin of everyone who loved them back before it was, you know, cool.

And to close it up- a sign off. As I said, my favorite mixes are for driving around. And you know, there's nothing more satisfying when you're cruising around at seventy miles an hour than belting "FUCK YOU" out your open windows, even if it's just to a field of cows in Ontario.

Now go forth, lovely readers, and dance your day away.


  1. I love the CPD song, firstly because Toots was my Dad's pet name for Mom and secondly, I'm a closet swing music fan and especially love their version of Zoot Suit Riot. The Queen song is another standout in a stellar list as well!

  2. I want to give this all the attention I can, because there are so many songs on here I don't think I know! That is so awesome. So I want you to know I was here, and I am leaving the tab open so I can listen when the boy is not laying in bed next to me!

  3. I do know most of them here, but the Animated Comics and Fleming & John are new to me. Really a wide range of driving songs. Next, you're gonna have to take a video of you singing them and post it as a video of your own! lol Well done!

    1. The band is actually The Decemberists. Sorry for the confusion!



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