June 13, 2010

Edible Food-Like Products

In a perfect world, I would make everything that everyone in my family ate.  In a perfect world, I would control everything that went into my children's bellies.  In a perfect world, I could trust those "trusted brands" to pick up the slack when I really need them to.

Turns out, this ain't a perfect world.

Did you know that they add ALL SORTS of awful stuff to baby foods?  Things that pediatricians recommend avoiding, things that have NO nutritional value, things that might potentially be harmful to your children?

I'm not talking about formaldehyde or anything.  But take a peek.  That baby food that boasts DHA is loaded with tuna oil.  That cereal with fruit in it has gelatin added in order to keep it looking, well, like baby food.

Sure, the carrots only have carrots in them.  But the rest of it?  The "pasta dinner" that's filled with turkey?  The "vegetable risotto" filled with tallow?

Eggs here and there, some honey, even nuts for crying out loud!  These are known allergens, these are things that modern medicine (and in most cases common sense) recommends waiting to feed our children.

I'm so angry that I, a vegetarian and an ethical eater, have been misled into feeding that trash to my little girls.

I've purchased a new blender system that will allow me to more easily make all my baby food.  So, in a way, thanks Gerber for making this a more perfect world.

Yeah, thanks a lot.

1 comment:

  1. Making babyfood is the easiest. I can't cook my way out of a paperbag, but babyfood? Easy peasy. I actually enjoy it.



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