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 M is the love of my life.  He is my hero, my soul mate, and my best friend.  He's a structural engineer by day, and a diaper changing, bedtime enforcing super hero by night.  Somehow, he still manages to be a total rock star of a daddy and husband.

He is easily the best thing that ever happened to me.

SI- Three and a half
 SI is three going on sixteen. The attitude on that kid... she thinks she knows everything, and that with just the right blend of reasoned argument and big doe-eyed looks, she can get her way.  Too bad for all of us, three year olds aren't generally the best at rational discussions. She's mommy's shadow around the house, "helping" with everything.  She particularly loves helping with the baking and the sweeping, both of which her family is optimistic she will improve at in time. When she's not impersonating a puppy, she is dancing or creating picnics with her ample toy food collection. She frequently addresses DD as "my darling." Her best friend, aside from her parents and sisters, is Wish Bear, who accompanies her just about everywhere. Her favorite color is yellow, her favorite song is "Tomorrow" from Annie, and she HATES having her hair brushed.

DD- Three and a half
DD is a pretty ballerina princess. She always wants to wear the longest, puffiest, fanciest dresses she can find, put dozens of bows and butterflies and headbands into her hair, dance all day. When she's not a ballerina princess, she's a superhero in a cape, rescuing her sisters from giant monsters and dragons. Her smile is utterly infectious, and she sings constantly. When she's not playing pretend with her dress ups or toy kitchen, she spends her time building the tallest towers she can dream up. She has become a gear master, and it is M's greatest hope that she will set aside her princess leanings and dedicate herself whole heartedly to engineering. There's plenty of time. Her best friends (aside from the rest of the family) are Bedtime Bear, a baby doll she's named after her baby sister, and another doll dubbed "Annie." She has no particular objection to having her hair brushed.

RH- Nine months
RH is unfathomably cheerful, chipper, and friendly. She adores her big sisters, and laughs freely when tickled. She likes being bounced, rolling on the floor, hugs from her sisters, kisses on the chin, and attempting to eat crayons. She does NOT like broccoli with cheese, having her nose wiped, wet diapers, or having small, hazardous objects removed from her grasp.


I am Lea, otherwise known as Becoming SuperMommy. I'm at home with the kids after a RIDICULOUSLY chaotic few years- twins, pregnancy, school... I graduated (FINALLY) from college last year about three days after RH's due date. I've been looking for work ever since, and finding more than enough of it in a house filled with tiny people. I paint (when I have time), write (when I have time), and sew (when I have time).  I don't have a lot of free time.

Grandmommy and Poppa are my parents.  They live either in London or the middle of nowhere in Michigan, which means that they spend as much time as they can in our spare room.  Poppa has his own blog as well.  In case you're interested in internet standards or (occasionally) international jet setting.

Grandma and Grandpa live in Minnesota, but come to visit as often as they can.  Grandma is responsible for just about every adorable knitted garment you see on the children.  She's a machine!  I sometimes worry that Grandmommy and Grandma are in an unspoken war to see who can spoil my children fastest.  :)

Aunt Genocide is my younger sister, and one of my closest friends.  She's a photographer and Holocaust scholar, and tells just about everyone she meets that she has the cutest nieces in the world.  Not that I can argue. If all goes well, in the not too distant future she will become Dr. Aunt Genocide.

Aunt Something Funny is my older sister.  We don't see her as often as we'd like, but we're confident that as the girls get older she'll have ample opportunity to trounce them in Scrabble.  Aunt Something Funny trouncing company in Scrabble is something of family tradition.  She knows all the letters in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Aunt Green is my adopted sister.  Smart move, on my parents' part, because she's the one who will support them in their old age.  She moves from place to place, waffling between being a rock star and a horticulturist.

Aunt Engineer and Uncle Engineer are M's sister and brother-in-law.  I don't know what it is about that Minnesotan air... M's a Structural Engineer, Aunt Engineer is a Civil Engineer, and Uncle Engineer is a Mechanical Engineer.  Lots of engineers around here.  But surprisingly few calculators.


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