January 26, 2011

Mutual Benefit

The time has come.  I can't take it any more.  I am potty training my kids.

Yes, I know they're only 16 months old.  Yes, I know that it's going to be a gigantic pain.

That said, my back is killing me.  There is no comfortable way to coerce a squirming 25lb bundle that seems to be made entirely of legs into a clean diaper.

THE POTTY BOOT CAMP: Basic Training For ToddlersI've got the potties.  I've ordered a few books on potty training (the one pictured seemed promising).  I believe it can be done.  My personal Mary Poppins believes it can be done.  M is... skeptical, but supportive.
Perhaps potty training will come more easily if I wait for another year or so.  But I just can't do it.  I am getting these children out of their diapers.

If you have any suggestions for methods, books, or favorite toilet related words of wisdom, please share!  I can't tell you I'm not a bit terrified.

Because I get the feeling that this might be pretty hard.


  1. If they are showing any interest, it will probably go OK. I missed early signs with M, and as a result, we are _still_ working on potty use (overnight diapers, for one, and the occasional daytime diaper, plus LOTS of laundry).

    I managed to find some decent cloth trainers - there may be some of them in the stuff I sent you. If the girls can get their own diapers off, simply pulling the liners from the cloth diapers might work for trainers :)

  2. I have a DVD called 'The Potty Whisper' and started my baby out on that. It certainly makes her pee in the potty but she's too young to go to the potty herself.

    Please check my blog for an update on hyperemesis gravidarum and a new drug, Sativex.

  3. I didn't bother starting until my girls were dry overnight. As you know, S had complicating issues, but was ready at 19 months. R was three. M insisted on using the potty when R did, even though at 16 months she really wasn't ready. In my mother's day, starting at 1, she received a suppository and was sat on the potty directly after every meal. She blames this method for her IBS, but it worked. I, personally, believe two things: 1) Patience is a virtue, and 2) go with your gut. By the way, neither of those things worked for me!



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