February 15, 2011

A Day In Your Life

Tales of an Unlikely Mother proposed a project- take pictures of your day, all day, and put them up in your blog.  She calls it Day In The Life, or DITL.  Without further ado, here is my DITL.

My day in the life?  Yesterday- Valentine's Day.  For those of you unaware, I've been very ill.  Today was the first day in a long time I felt mostly like myself.  Unfortunately, it's always one step forward two steps back, and while yesterday was a HUGE step forward I'm back where I was in early January today.  But yesterday was lovely.  In most ways, it was a very normal day.

First, I woke up, took a shower and brushed my teeth.  Then I went in to get the girls ready for their day.
Cherries and oatmeal for breakfast
I made SI and DD oatmeal with cherries for breakfast.  SI made a mess, but DD was neat as can be.  Me?  I skipped breakfast and emptied the dishwasher.
A nice clean kitchen?  Not quite.
Next, the girls played around while I did the dishes from the previous day.

I loathe Elmo's World, but the rest of Sesame Street is okay.
Then it was some waking up time for SuperMommy.  I checked my email and facebook and blog list while the girls watched Sesame Street.  Their sitters and father let them watch a lot more TV than I do, when it's just me and them they watch half an hour to an hour a day, depending on how many times we require a "Free To Be You And Me" time out.  It's like a grubling sedative, and sometimes that just what you need to get through the day.
Laundry and nail polish
After that, it was time to do more chores.  I put away the several baskets of clean laundry while the girls played with my nail polish on the floor.  This is a new game, and I think it's just about run its course.
Hooray blankets!
Next, I changed the sheets.  This was lucky for the girls, because they LOVE playing in the pillows and blankets!
Green Eggs and Ham!
 That brought us to nap time.  The girls and I read "Green Eggs and Ham," and then they went to sleep peacefully.
Homework and a sandwich (goat cheese, avocado, and hard boiled egg on whole grain)
During nap time, I went to the basement and collected the diapers from our service.  After bringing them back up to our third floor walk up, I scheduled a few doctor's appointments, and got started on lunch and my homework.
Yogurt with bananas, avocados, and OJ
Once the girls woke up, I make them their favorite lunch and cleaned up the kitchen floor.
Grubling yoga!
After lunch, yoga time!  Then we just played and played until dinner.  DD stacked blocks more than six high, SI played the flutophone, there was an incident involving a paper bag, and a lot of hugs and dangling upside down of children.
The beginnings of wild rice and mushroom soup
I started dinner while the girls ate- they had hard boiled eggs, peas, cheese, cheerios, and grapes.  They were still pretty full from lunch.
DD loves having her teeth brushed
Next it was clean up time!  The girls had a bath and a tooth brushing.
Toweled grublings
After bath time, it was act-crazy-in-your-towels time.  On of their favorite times of the day.
SI loves finding the duck on every page
After that, the girls got into pajamas and we read a bedtime story- Bubble Bath Pirates.  It's a favorite as well.  Then it was into bed, and to sleep!
Soup, salad, and wine for dinner
M got back from campus about an hour later, and pulled out a bottle of wine to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Not pictured- Ben and Jerry's and Mel Books
After dinner, we snuggled on the couch and watched Young Frankenstein.  It was a lovely evening.

And that was my Day In Your Life!


  1. Wow, what healthy eating. That's fabulous! And I love the Toweled grublings -- so cute. A beautiful day.

  2. I love all the fences in your living room...it was like a baby coral with a zebra! Nice DITL--I saw you on Tales of an Unlikely Mother.

    Carla @ Jansen Family Adventures

  3. Carla- yes! We're like a toddler ranch around here! I'm looking forward to seeing your DITL!

  4. I think the only think I appreciate about Elmo's World is that it teaches children to look to multiple sources for answers (Internet, TV, Friends, etc...). Otherwise, It's just obnoxious.

    Thanks for the post :-)



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