February 12, 2011

Little Angels

SuperMommy and her grublings
Yes, I'm still sick.  Getting better, but my condition remains a mystery.  It isn't gerontological, it isn't my appendix, it isn't my gall bladder, it isn't my liver...

I've been feeling better, slowly but surely.  And when I have a few more answers I'll be sure to share them with you.  But in the meantime, life has been... surprisingly easy.

SI in a change purse... er, hat
Both M and I are falling behind in classes a bit.  Both of us are tired and frustrated.  But the girls?  They have been- in a word- angels.

They've been eating well, they've been fairly sanguine about their diaper changes (potty training is postponed until I am well).  They've been extra loving and extra cuddly and extra happy to do just about everything.

They've been good to their sitters, who are saints, and have been making all non-health related aspects of my life so much fun.

DD is learning more and more words.  SI has finally decided that learning English might be in her best interest.

One morning, I made them fruity yogurt for breakfast.  Not only did they not throw any on the floor, not get any all over their heads, and not smear it all over their trays, they actually scraped their bowls clean with graham crackers.  Their daddy was so proud.

DD learning to help SuperMommy out a little more
There's something truly magical about having two little people come running into your room to play with you when you're sick in bed.  Having them so happy to see you, distracted though they might be, so excited to give you kisses and then run away again...  It's been amazing.

On the days when I've been on my own with them despite my depleted condition (such as today) they've played all sorts of mommy-sitting-down games with me, given me so many kisses, and largely taken care of themselves.  Today we all sat down and watched a whole movie- "Fantasia 2000."  DD liked the whales in the water.  SI liked the toy soldier.  These girls have surpassed my wildest expectations.

Not only them, but M as well.  While I've been sick he has stepped up in a real way.  He's frequently lamented that he's lost some of his SuperDaddy touch since he relinquished his role as a stay-at-home parent.  I've seen it, and I can attest.  When you're not the stay-at-home parent, you're not quite as adept at handling the daily routine.  Especially when you're outnumbered.  He might not have gotten the dishes, laundry, or other miscellaneous cleaning done, but everyone was fed and happy.  Even yours truly.
This is what the elephant says

It's been a very long few weeks.  I am desperate for answers, desperate to stop feeling ill and dizzy and vaguely miserable.  But my family have been angels.  M, SI, and DD have made me the happiest mommy in the world.

And yes, I've lost about five pounds.  Hooray, starvation diet!

On Monday, I'll be announcing the winner of the box of chocolates!  I can attest- the Heart and Soul meltaways are both chocolaty and delicious.  So enter to win now if you haven't yet!  And I'll be posting quite a bit next week.  I have some pieces I've been working on in my convalescence.  Hopefully, they'll make you laugh and make you happy.

Best wishes, my dear readers!

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  1. How funny that the Google link below is of Justin Bieber. Yeesh.

    In other news, glad you're on the mend. Even a little. :)



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