May 2, 2011

The Gift of Song

Making a fool of myself is something I have a habit of doing
Not so long ago, I celebrated my blogoversary.  As I lamented, I had not prepared anything particularly special for you, my loyal readers.  The people who support me and actually seem to think that I kind of rock at something.

Parenting, writing, whatever it is.  You're around here on a remarkably regular basis, hanging out... eating all the food in my proverbial fridge, lounging on my virtual sofa, graciously removing your digital shoes before entering...

And I feel I haven't always been the best hostess.  Have I entertained you?  Have I made your stay comfortable?  Enjoyable?  Would you like a freshly baked cookie?

Phil Forsyth and the Lone Gun Society, 2007
So I've done something to say, "Thanks."  My dear, dear friend and the incomparably talented Phil Forsyth (the EP "Red Bricks and Green Houses" is on my short-list of most played albums around here.  Not kidding.) has collaborated with me on an album of lullabyes- the lullabyes I sing my kids.  But that's not all.

He also recorded a track of my cheezy, novelty doo-wop song.  The one I wrote about a decade ago.  Or longer.  And never forgot.  (Okay, so it I forgot a few of the harmonies.  Sue me.)

So yes, you can expect ten lullabyes, lovingly crafted in my (painting) studio with birds singing in the background and the occasional train whizzing by, produced by my genius friend, guinea pig, patient, "cake," and occasional guy-on-the-couch.  Everybody should have one of a friend like Phil in their lives, it just plain makes life more interesting.

I'll be having a special CD release promotion soon, you can count on it.  I had been aiming for it being my 121st post- which (as my geekiest friends point out to me) is not only a palendrome but also a clean square.  Unfortunately, this is my 121st post, and I am just not that organized.

But just for you, lovely readers, and especially for Kopp Daddy at Have Kids, Will Blog (for reasons that will shortly become extremely obvious to him, not the least of which is that he explicitly asked for me to share this absurd wonder with the world), I give you... my novelty doo-wop song.


  1. > Making a fool of myself is something I have a habit of doing

    Yay! I prefer albums to cookies.
    You rock for having the courage and confidence to do all this.

  2. love it. ... though I'm a little frightened. But in a good way, like they way you know you're still alive. ... for now.



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